This whole section is dedicated to all things linking. First, we start with a cool tools list, then if you scroll down you'll see my favorite bloggy friend's blog buttons (which link to their blogs, please check them out!). Finally, we'll get to blog awards and other miscellaneous sites etc. Enjoy!

COOL TOOLS for your Blog -
With gratitude to my friend, Jennifer McLean, for this comprehensive list.
  1. Mr.Linky Follower Tool - Add to your blog to replace Google Friend Connect, which is being discontinued even for Blogger blogs! FANTASTIC tool, better than any other replacement like Facebook or Twitter. Tell your followers the good news, THIS tool won't use your info or sell it to advertizers like the others.
  2. Photo/Picture Resizer - - Spectacular tool that nearly automatically resizes your pictures for the web, making them smaller in Megabits but not necessarily in actual dimensions. Can add borders & correct lighting mistakes too!
  3. Pixlr Editing Tool - Just found this! It's a great photo editing tool, like an easy to use PaintShopPro. It lets you pick whether you want to make a new image, upload an image from your computer or from a URL. Then you can change the background, add text etc. Probably great for making buttons!
  4. Picture Frame - - Add a frame around any picture.
  5. Mosaic Maker - Make quadrated pictures using your own pictures or pictures from your Flickr account!
  6. Color Picker - Helps pick the color you need.
  7. My Live Signature - -Make your own signature for your blog and email!
  8. Tagxedo - - Turns words -- famous speeches, news articles, slogans and themes, even your love letters into a visually stunning word cloud.
  9. Photo Fun - Adds your pictures of your artwork to interesting vignettes.
  10. Stopwatch - - Measures the time it takes your blog to load.
  11. TinyPic - - Upload your pictures and get them resizd plus get different HTML codes you can use in your blog posts.
  12. Copyright - - Free copyrighting site for your blog.
  13. Copyscape - Similar to above, in that you can get a badge to advertise that you are copyrighted but this also allows you to search the web for your copyrighted products being illegally used.
  14. Anobii - - Add a bookshelf to your blog to show either what you read, or the books you recommend on your kind of art.
  15. GoodReads - - Similar to Anobii, you can add a widget to your blog, showing what you're reading etc. You can also get a widget that allows you to show a badge of your reading goal for the year and how far you've gotten!
  16. HyperDictionary - - Helps you with definitions and there's a thesaurus to help pick synonyms and similar words.
  17. Skitch - - For you Mac users out there, here's an amazing tool for grabbing anything off the web you want. Allows you to take a picture of anything then change its size etc, then upload it to get a URL for use in your blog posts.
  18. Random Number Generator - Use this to pick the winner in a giveaway, just number each participant, then go to the Generator, add the number from 1 to # of participants, press ENTER. Use Skitch to take a picture of the Random Number Generator with the numbers and winning number. Upload the image and put it in your blog post announcing the Giveaway Winner.
  19. Moo - - GREAT for getting business cards or other paper products! They will put pictures of YOUR artwork on one side and your particulars, blog, email, name etc. on the other side.

  20. I'd love to learn about any other helpful blog links you've found. Please leave a comment below with the link and a little bit about it.

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