Saturday, August 6, 2011

More Randomness: Another Oldie AND Goodie!

Again, I'm completely random here ... posting a favorite card from my past.  This beautie was made for me by my dear friend, Mary Dittmar to celebrate my 50th birthday -- yes, six years ago this month. 

Mary has resisted the paper urges because she's much more of a Fabric Princess, and she's been making cards far longer than I have. Seeing her work inspired me to make my own cards, and I cherish this card even today. 

For this sweetheart of a card, she "fussy cut" the cupcake and cake from printed FABRIC (!!!) that she found ... I don't know where, and I don't know how she has this patience.  I don't know what sort of fabulous glue she used to adhere the fabric so wonderfully to the paper stock.  There are absolutely no bubbles in the fabric pieces, and even the tiniest edges have stayed stuck to the paper these many years later. 

She used no fancy paper for this card, no rub-ons for the sentiment.  The sentiment is hand-written -- can you believe how steady and adorable her handwriting is?!  And each of the tiny pink dots is hand-drawn.  The few gold stars that are on the card are adhered.  I'm guessing that Mary used a few dabbles of glitter pen to give gloss to the cake plate, strawberries, and cupcake. 

Do you save and cherish the notes and cards you've been given over the years -- or at least, the "special" ones? 

Recently, my former mother-in-law Olga passed away, and my now-grown dear daughter Emily (26 today!) had the chore of going through her personal effects to settle the estate.  In at least one box that was obviously cherished were the cards and notes I had sent to Olga over the 17 years when I was married to her son, and even the subsequent years since I divorced him.

Those boxes represented a real treasure to Emily -- mostly because it served as a testament to the love shared between Olga and myself, a relationship unlike any other.  Olga's having saved those letters and photographs was priceless as well, as I had lost all of my photos of baby Emily and the calendars, journals and albums I'd assembled when I hastily left her Dad when Emily was just 9 years old.  That treasure showed Emily the pride I had in her tiniest accomplishments, and gave her a "scrapbook" view of life through her mother's eyes, as related to her grandmother.  In Olga's passing, she gave Emily one of the greatest gifts that she, as a new mother could ever have, love.

Wishing you joy today and always, in the treasures you find when you least expect them.


The Crafty Elf said...

I truly enjoyed this post and learning of a hidden treasure found! Thank you for sharing.

Zoey and the furballs said...

Wow, that's really special, both the card and the reminder that what we do now may affect people in the future. It's so nice that you were able to touch your daughter's life in yet another amazing way. :)

Susan L said...

I to cherish notes and cards I have received :) Thanks for sharing a precious memory with us.

Happy Scrappin'

Sue B