Thursday, March 31, 2011

A "Welcome Baby" Gift Pail

Front view; bucket is 1 gallon plastic paint can
Hello, friends!  My burnt wrist is recovering, and I've spent a few hours readying projects for two blog hops I'm in this weekend. 

Meanwhile, allow me to show you a special project I recently created. It's a "Welcome Baby" Memory Pail.
On the front side of the bucket, I cut a silhouette of a mother and child using Fairy Cut software and a design from Dover Publishing. I then used white gel pen to dot the edges and distinguishing features. 

I cut text "Welcome Baby" and decorated the cut, again using white gel pen. 

I trimmed the bucket in lace at the bottom and top. The handle is wrapped in a dotted organza ribbon, and tied with bows on either side.  The butterfly clip on the bow is from Michael's.

On the rear of the can, a poem I found and modified
(rewrote in large part) to suit the occasion.

The text was laid out and decorated using
Adobe Illustrator.

 The back of the can features a poem about keeping memories of your child's milestones.

The top of the can can be personalized by the gift-giver.

Here are some of the pen/ink details.

For inside the can, I made a box, cut from light pink cardstock using Cricut's "Tags, Bags, Boxes and More" cartridge.  It was decorated with Prima Flowers.

For inside the box (which is presented inside the can), I created a notepad of "Making Memories" sheets.  These were printed 4-up on an 8.5x11" paper, cut and then padded 25 to a pad -- just right to fit in the box I made.

I also attached a pink pen to the side of the box.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Will be back soon, thanks!

I'm sure I'll survive....  in fact, later on today, I do plan to bandage this baby up and craft.  I've got a lot to catch up on.

For those who mentioned the ensuing mess to clean up, you'll get a kick out of this one. When I cried out in pain, hubby came a'runnin'.  I wailed that not only did I burn myself and it hurt like #*%@, but now we had no gravy to go with the meatloaf.

Pathetic!  Yup, while I dashed the wrist under cold running water, hubby got out a spatula to pick up the gravy that was on top of the mound of spilled stuff -- you know, the part that hadn't actually touched the floor.  Not to clean it up, but to save it for eating, because what's meatloaf without gravy?!  Dinner was saved!  Gotta ♥ the guy.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What an excuse.

I had all good intentions of crafting tonight and posting something for y'all ...

Then I cooked. (The best thing I make in the kitchen: RESERVATIONS!!)

I lifted the jar of gravy from the microwave. It was very hot. I was holding it, pinched around the label at the jar's waist. The jar slipped out from the label, crashing onto the floor. The boiling hot gravy spilled first on my right wrist and inner arm, then all over the floor. It HURTS like crazy!!  It's blistering at the wrist joint. NASTY!  I can't hold a pencil, much less craft, tonight.

I've put cold water/cold cloth on it, and have taken some aspirin. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Tip of the Week: Making Your Own Glue Dots

... not to be confused with my earlier tutorial on Making Your Own POP Dots, this tutorial will show you how to make adhesive clear glue dots to use on your cards or scrapbooks.

I've seen a few tutorials on this, using different glue products. Also, all of the tutorials I have seen will tell you to use coated paper that has carried an adhesive on it. For example, re-use the paper from a pop-dot roll, or paper from a Xyron.

Instead, I am going to try to use a clear acetate sheet as my base. It is more readily available, I think. For my tutorial, I am usings some leftover overhead transparency sheets I used in an earlier tutorial. (See: Making Your Own Rub-On Sentiments)  Use the shiny, not textured side of these overhead projector sheets!

The glue I am testing are two of the most highly recommended for this purpose:  Aleene's Tack-It Over and Over, and ScraPerfect's Best Glue Ever.  

I've never used either of these glues before, so you're learning with me.  I bought both of them through Amazon.Com.  I'm sure there's a cheaper resource for these, but this was the quickest for me.

As shown above, I simply laid out dots and lines, drawing them with the glue directly onto the transparency's shiny side. The ScraPerfect's bottle and opening are smaller so the dots are finer/smaller.  I will say that I thought the Aleene's Tack-It flowed easier and made a naturally round dot quickly.  I've marked the sheet in the photo above so you can see which glue I used for which dots ....
Now I'm going to let these dry overnight ....

We've Got WINNERS!


Randy at was delighted to see so many entries in my three BLOG CANDY posts. Thank you, all, for taking the time to follow and comment!

Without further ado, I'm pleased to announce the following winners:

Blog candy: Martha Stewart Fringe Scissors

Blog candy: Magical Mystery Gift Package
(Surprise: It contains Disney papers, chipboards, stickers)


Blog candy: A half-dozen (6) of these pretty handmade Embellies Card Pins

Michelle, Lynda and Melissa:  Please send me a private e-mail (to with your home addresses so I can mail out your prizes quickly.  Where you've provided them, I'll send you a congratulatory message!  If I don't hear from you within a week, I'll have to have Randy at select a new winner. 

To all of you who totally made my weekend ... 325+ comments, 65 e-mails, Facebook comments (that's me at CardMonkey Jarvis on Facebook ... "friend me" if you haven't already!), 27 new Networked Blogs, #10 on the Cricut Top 40, and an amazing 2,404 page views this weekend alone!! ... thank you, thank you, thank you.

ALSO, I would like to note that during this weekend, CardMonkey rocketed past our goal of 500 followers. Seems to me, that's cause for celebration!  So be on the look-out for a big 'ol party with plenty of treats!

Congratulations again to the three blog candy winners ... and most of all, thank you for making me the biggest winner of all by visiting, following and commenting on my cards and projects.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Links for Hops, Blog Candy and ♥

Sign on the PaperJungle door

If you're here for the "Make Up Your Own Holiday" blog hop, Click HERE

The blog candy available is a pair of Martha Stewart Fringe Scissors.  Follow/comment for a chance to win.
If you're here for the "Disney Pixar Blog Hop", Click HERE.

The blog candy available is a MAGICAL MYSTERY gift package.  Follow/comment for a chance to win.

If you're here to find out how to make and WIN EmbEllies Card Pins, Click HERE.

The blog candy available is a half-dozen (6) handmade EmbEllies for your collection or use.  Follow/comment for a chance to win!

All blog candy entries must be time-stamped (posted) not later than Midnight EST on Sunday, March 27.  Winners will be drawn by Randy at Random.Org, and posted on Monday, March 28.  If you're a follower and you've left a way for me to reach me (please!), I'll contact you and you have one week to supply me with your USPS address ... otherwise I'll have to draw a new name. 

...and one more link to ♥: 

If you'd like to hear my sweet love story about how I met my husband of 12 years (today), please scroll down to the next post.  Happy Anniversary, MB! 
♥ IWALY ♥ !  Love, MT 

Happy Anniversary, MB

Twelve years ago today, I married the sweetest, kindest, most generous and loving man I've ever known ... John.

We have terms of endearment we've called each other over the years, and most of them in some way involve the word "Monkey".  Is it any wonder that I call my blog CardMonkey, then?

Here is the card I made for my man. It started with two monkeys, diecut using Cuttlebug's Zoo Animals mini-dies. I snipped off the branches from the top and put them on the bottom; where the hands once held the branches, I added hearts. I knotted the tails into the shape of a heart, and for good measure, added a red heart that I paper punched.  I embellished the monkeys and leaves using paper piecing, and glued the whole thing down on white card stock onto which I printed the sentiment.

A little faux stitching, I fussy cut the image into a heart shape and mounted it on lime green foam.

Next, I took my new Nikki Sivils paper (love that stuff!) ... the back side of the We Are Family line in red dots ... and embossed it using another Cuttlebug die/embossing folder, Hearts. I used my ATG gun to adhere the heart onto the embossed paper, and the paper to the card.

Here is the inside of the card:

Sorry if the shot doesn't show the sentiment well.
I simply set it on my computer. 

(IWALY, for those who can't figure that out, is I Will Always Love You ... it's engraved inside our wedding rings, with our initials.)

The heart shape is what was die-cut from the front of the card, just glued to the inside.  I hope you (and John, most importantly) like the card!

Our little love story:  For those who are skeptics about the power of the word on the Internet, let me tell you ... John and I met, ONLINE, in 1994. That's before there were online dating services, before Blogger, before Google, before EBay, and before the movie "You've Got Mail." 

Back then, there were no cybercafes and most people hadn't yet ventured onto the Internet.  We met via a "bulletin board" service named PRODIGY.  Then, you could post a message on a dating bulletin board, seeking a date within your (or specified) telephone area code regions.  John responded ... as did dozens of other suitors ... and we started e-mailing back and forth. 

Then I gave John my telephone number and we spent hours on the telephone "meeting" each other. Because I was then recently separated from a long-term marriage (with a 9-year old daughter, Emily, at home), I had trust issues. It took me a solid 2 months until we set up a date, in public ... at the Bennigan's Restaurant. We ended up going out to the movies afterwards.  I will say that "PULP FICTION" is NOT a good first-date movie!!  However, we kissed during it ... and sort of missed the movie >wink!< 

We've been an item ever since. 

I've got to tell you, back then meeting someone online was so unconventional that my therapist advised against it, my boss wrote me up (as if!) for "lack of discretion and judgment", and I was invited to appear on OPRAH! I didn't go ... cold feet ... but we started the trend. 

As I told my therapist in 1994, what better way to meet someone?  I knew he was literate, owned a home and paid his electric bill (to run his computer), was smart and witty, and I knew more about him going into our first date than I've ever known anyone!  "What would I know about a man I'd meet in a bar?  That he's a drinker!"  LOL. 

Anyway, it's worked for us. John accepted me and my daughter Emily as a "package deal."  He's been a WONDERFUL father to Emily, and now is the BEST Poppy to our newborn granddaughter, Charlotte. 

I ♥ John for all he is, and all he brings out in me. Happy 12th anniversary, Baby.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Blog Hops - March 26 and March 27

Welcome to Day 2 of the "Make Your Own Holiday Blog Hop."  If you missed Day #1, just scroll down through this post. You'll see that the holiday I made up is "Love ♥ Your Neighbors Day" ... a way to salute the neighbors I love in my close-knit community.

For one neighbor's card, I was inspired by the new Nikki Sivils Scrapbooking line of papers called "We Are Family."  Here are the two main prints in this line:

Each of these papers is double-sided. One has a red-white polka dot, and the other is a swirly medium blue solid. 

I loved how these papers showed a "neighborhood". I picked one house to mimic in my card.  Here is the Nikki house shown on the paper that inspired my  paper-pieced card:

Here is the card I made:


I'll be giving this card to my neighbor who lives at #328 on my block (which is why I changed the house number on the card), along with a pail of chocolate chip cookies.  Please see my Day #1 post to see the pails I made for each of my neighbors.

SCROLL DOWN to See Day #1 post, as well as info on how to WIN BLOG CANDY in honor of "Love ♥ Your Neighbors Day."

March 25, 2011

In typical CardMonkey fashion, I've over-committed myself for this weekend. Not only is it my 12th wedding anniversary (March 27) and my SIL's birthday, but I'm participating in two blog hops!

If you're here for the Make Your Own Holiday Blog Hop hosted by the inimitable Karelj, you're in the right place, and read on. You'll find a cute project featuring my "♥ Love Your Neighbors ♥" card and gift set, blog candy for this hop's participants, as well as links to your next stop.

If you're here for the Disney Pixar Blog Hop, you're welcome to detour here briefly but if you'd rather continue on that hop immediately, please CLICK HERE to be beamed up to my post for that special occasion!  There, you'll find some Disney scrap layouts to document a trip to Disney (worth scrap-lifting!), and a Mickey-inspired Birthday card.  And you'll find another blog candy from CardMonkey for those participants. 

Feel free to visit both, comment on both, and be eligible to win and win!! 

Without further ado then ...

Welcome to the "Make Up Your Own Holiday Blog Hop"! You should have arrived here from Mistyrose at Sweet Magnolia Rose.  If you just stumbled across the hop, and you’d like to start at the beginning, hop over to Karelj’s blog at to start at the beginning.  After my stop, you should head over to Rachel to see what Stamps Happy creations she has in store for you!

Here at CardMonkey, it's:

Happy ♥Love Your Neighbors!♥ Day

I am blessed to share my driveway with three families, the best neighbors in the world. There when you need them, private when you'd rather not ... ready with a warm grill and a cold beer ... open hearts during time of sorrow (when one husband died) as well as joy (a daughter's wedding, new grandbabies) ... supportive and helpful. So I chose this weekend to honor them...

Here is the gift set I made for each of the three families. It includes a card, as well as a customized bucket that I'll be filling with homemade chocolate chip cookies:

Project details: 
For the card (which is 4.5" wide by 7" high), I used one sheet of October Afternoon's paper. This paper has a full sheet of a house printed on it, which I trimmed down to use.
I added some accents (white gel pen, brown Copic markers) and then made a wreath and a bush to compliment the printed bushes inside.

To make the wreath on the door, I used one branch of flowers by KaiserCraft and curved it into a circle.  It wrapped neatly over itself, and I secured it with a bow. 

For the bush, I cut a piece of green cardstock, and ran it through my Swiss Dot Cuttlebug Folder.  Still not happy with it, I edged in ink, then colored the Swiss Dots red.  Ugh, even worse!  I tried blending ... eeeek!  About to toss it and start over, I covered the bush in Glossy Accents.  EEEEK!  Bushes aren't glossy!  So then I took another branch (green) of flowers and shredded it into the Glossy Accents. Voila! This I like!!!

For the INSIDE of the card:
I fiddled around with the paper until I got the layout I liked with two windows side-by-side.  I added a little piece of the siding and roof, plus the chimney, to balance out the right side.  (OK, if I thought of this before, the siding would have been a flap.)  Now I admit that the siding looked a little odd, until I decided to fussy cut a branch or two from some other patterned paper I bought today.  It has these cute bird feeders hanging from it.

Next, I fussy cut some leaves, drew in some white dots for accents on the tree and window panes, and added the sentiment (which I printed on my computer).  I still wanted something, so I added the clipped grass at the bottom edge. I made these with really cool Martha Stewart fringing scissors. Have you seen these?! 

For the bucket, I trimmed a window out from the top part of the paper, cut out the window panes and glued it to the bucket. I lined the bucket in blue to match the house background, and cut out a window to see through.  I added a border of Bazzill glossy dotted paper that I trimmed with laurel leaves cut with a Martha Stewart punch.  Wanting to cover the seam in the red dotted paper, I added a tree (fussy cut from brown stock), and leaves punched with a Punch A Bunch. I'll load it with homemade chocolate chip cookies before gifting it.


It's easy-peasy to make it with Martha Stewart's Fringe Scissors...
and I have a new pair for the winner of my blog candy!

Each pair has 5 stainless-steel, nonstick blades that cut
at the same time.  SO fun to use!

To qualify:

1.  Be a follower of this CardMonkey blog, and let me know that you are, in your comment. 

2.  Post a comment prior to 12 Midnight EDT on Sunday March 27. I've got "Randy" at standing by to pick the winner by chance afterwards, and I'll post the winner's name here and send an e-mail to the winner if you leave me a way to contact you. 

3. Winner has one week to send me a US mail address for the prize; winners outside of the USA will receive a gift card in lieu of the prize, to an online merchant serving their country. 

4. Feel free to make an additional comment on the other post I'll have up today, for the Disney Pixar Blog Hop.  There is different blog candy offered for that hop ... check it out.

**In addition, the fabulous-o KarelJ has extra-special blog candy for ALLLL the hoppers so stay tuned for this message below:**

Karelj is offering an over-all blog candy for those who are hopping along with us. She thought it would be fun to have some holiday-themed candy for this hop--but, of course, made-up holiday items were hard to come by! She decided to do a whole bunch of *regular* holiday themed stamps for you to enjoy.
  • From Fiskars, there is an assorted holiday set
  • There's an alphabet from All Night Media
  • A set of 100 plus clear stamps and a storage case from Family Memories, and
  • 5 sets of clear stamps from various dollar bins in big box stores.
How to win them? Follow along the blog trail, leaving a comment on each and every blog. On Monday, Karelj will ask her  buddy Randy ( to select a blog number (from the list), a day (Saturday is one, Sunday is two), and a comment number from that blog. Please make sure you have left a reliable way to contact you (email is best, in the safe format of **** at **** dot com ) so you can be notified by her personally. If you don't, she’ll have to select another winner. 

Alright, on to your next stop:

If you're lost along the way,
here is a complete list of the blog stops:

1. Karelj at One By One The Flamingos Are Stealing My Sanity at
2. Janice at Cricut Confessions at
3. Summer and Jennifer at The Cricut Diaries at
4. Denine at Pumpkin and Spice at
5. Colleen at Col’s Creative Corner at
6. Mistyrose at Sweet Magnolia Rose at
7. Ellen at Card Monkey at    
8. Rachel at Suburban Crafter  <---This is your next stop!
9. Monica at Scraps 2 Treasure at
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11. Becka at Creations With Becka at
12. Jamie at Glitter, Paper, Stamps, Oh My! at
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25. Krista Orr at Scrapaleupagus at
26. Kay Craig at 100 Things at
27. Jane Hollon at Sneezy’s Ramblings at
28. Jennifer Anderson at Scrappin’ Lil’ Turtle at

♥  Be sure to leave Karelj some love  ♥
to thank her for hosting this great blog hop!!

Disney Pixar Blog Hop: A Magical Journey!

Note: This posting has been revised to include both the Disney Pixar Blog Hop #1, as well as the Disney Pixar Blog Hop #2.  Comments #1 - 203 were on the first Blog Hop; Comments # 204 and higher are from the second Disney Pixar Blog Hop, and later.  This was modified to accommodate a hop posting snafu, to avoid broken links.  Sorry if this causes any inconvenience!! 

This posting was made on Day #2 (May 1, 2011) of the reprised Disney Pixar Blog Hop. While I am not an official stop in the line-up on today's portion of the Hop, it has come to my attention that some visitors were inadvertently linked to my first (March 26) set of Disney projects, not my Pooh Treehouse made especially for April 30.

So I'm reprising my reprise!  LOL!  And as a special treat, I'll briefly show my projects from Hop #1 as well -- so we're all caught up.

Like the first version, this hop is co-hosted by my "pixie Sistah" Shawn at and Melissa at These two lovely women are Disney fanatics and two of my very favorite friends. Kudos to them for organizing this great hop!

I'm very excited to show you my project I made for Day #1. I had the idea to do this after my last hop, and I just love how this turned out:

To make this "treehouse," I used an SVG Cuts birdhouse box as the base, cut in brown with a green roof. This cutting file shows the birdhouse with birds and flowers decorating it ... I like to use it as a base, and come up with my own designs for the embellishment. The birdhouse opens (which I'll show later), so I could stuff this with gift items, tickets to the movies or DisneyWorld, candy, etc.

I used Cricut's Pooh and Friends cartridge to cut Pooh, the Hundred Acre Wood sign, the sun and the tree branch. Everything was cut at 4". For the tree with the striped pattern, the kite and a window on the left side (hidden), I cut pieces from one of my favorite Nikki Sivils Scrapbooker LLC papers called "We Are Family". Below are a few of the fun details of this project.

Here is how the box opens up -- the roof comes off, with its embellishments firmly attached.

Here are a few of the little details that make this special, I think.

Pooh's kite string is wound around a paper "stick".
Glimmered flowers, sprayed with Creative Juices
CardMonkey Glimmer Mist (homemade) and Stickles.
Trimmed in dried lilacs in the grass edge.

Now how about a little BLOG CANDY: I've bought a sweet EK Success Disney 12x12" scrapbooking kit for the winner of my blog candy. It contains 121 pieces including 6 sheets of patterned Disney papers, a sheet of glitter alphabets, 2 sheets of dimensional stickers, and pages of decorative borders and elements. ADORABLE!!

To win: (Update: Winner has been chosen, thank you!)
  1. Be or become a follower of the CardMonkey blog! This is mandatory, and I do check. I put a lot of work into my projects and $$ into my blog candy and its shipping ... it's really the least you can do!
  2. Leave a comment here, and answer this question: What is your favorite Disney movie? Please include a way for me to contact you in the event you win the blog candy.
  3. Don't forget to look for the Hidden Mickey on both Day #1, and Day #2. Follow the instructions on Shawn's posting as to where to leave a comment (reporting where the Hidden Mickeys are) to be eligible to win the Grand Pooh-bear of all Blog Hop prizes, a Cricut Gypsy!  For my loyal followers who have made it this far, I'll offer a hint: on Day #1, look at the LAST stop!!

These are the projects I posted on the First Disney Pixar Blog Hop, just in case you missed them then: 

I have two projects that I did for the March 26-27 Disney Pixar Hop:

Paper-pieced Mickey from Cricut's "Mickey and Friends" cartridge.

For that Hop's second project, I made three Disney-themed scrapbook layouts to document my daughter's trip there in 2009.  (She started the scrapbook and then got swept away in planning for her new baby... we all know how priorities shift then!)

(I'm sure you can get the gist of these layouts ... I smudged the faces of those pictures I posted to protect their privacy.)

Combined cuts from Cricut's Christmas Noel cartridge with Mickey and Friends

No Cricut cartridges used here ... just Disney-themed paper, Stickles and a sticker

Made using Cricut's Mickey and Friends cartridge
♥ Thank you, Shawn and Melissa ♥
for hosting this VERY fun Hop!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

EmbEllies: Card Pins

Have you seen one of the newer trends, to embellish your cards with beautiful and unique "stick pins"? 

These are typically found stuck in a bow, or behind a flower, or even simply as the featured item on the card.  I'd been looking for ultra-sweet stick pins without having to pay a small fortune ... without success.

So what does a crafter do, but make her own!

Here are just a few of the EmbEllies' Card Pins I've made for my own use. I've made them two different ways: first, by straightening out earring wires into a pin; second, by using beading head pins.

I then thread the pins with unique glass or metal beads I've found back when my principal hobby was beadmaking.  A tightened crimp bead below the bead holds the EmbEllie* in place. 

Would you like to win a half-dozen EmbEllies?  Why not?!  I'll randomly pick a follower who comments on this post and/or any of my posts from now through through March 27 (midnight EST).  One post per day, please.  Please include a way to contact you, when you win!

I'm a HOP STOP for two hops this weekend, so there will be extra opportunities to win more blog candy this weekend.  So stop back too!! 

♥ Thanks for stopping by! ♥

(*What in the world is an EmbEllie?  Ellie ... that's me ... the term of endearment my hubby uses for me.  When I started making and marketing my own embellishments, I started calling them Ellie's Embellies, but that sounded redundant, so EmbEllie it is. For now!)