Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tutorial: How to Make a Never-Ending Card

Recently, I posted the "Never Ending Card" shown at left that I made for a blog hop.  I made it as a birthday card, but this wonderful design can be made to celebrate any (or no!) occasion.  Several have asked for a tutorial on how to make this card... Here it is!

What you will need:
  • 1/2 sheet of 12x12" cardstock - firm weight
  • One sheet of lighter weight cardstock (12x12") to make the backings for each of the pieces used to decorate.
  • Paper to decorate each of the trimmed pieces
  • Embellishments as desired.
  • 8" of strong 2-way or double-sided 1/2" adhesive tape; I used Sookwang
  • Adhesive tape runner or 3M, or glue stick
Step 1:
Cut your paper.  You will need:

From your firm weight cardstock for the base of the card, cut four pieces, each measuring 3" x 6".

From your backing (lighter weight) cardstock, cut:
Four pieces - 2+7/8" square
   (These I show here in bright green, for size)
Eight pieces - 1+3/8" square
   (These I show here in bright blue, for size)
Seven pieces - 1+7/8" x 2+7/8"
  (These I show here in purple, for size)
Two pieces - 5+7/8" x 2+7/8"
(These I show here in orange, for size)

You may want to see how your pieces are laid out before cutting/covering the backing pieces with your decorative paper and/or embellishments. When you trim your decorative pieces to cover your backing pieces, reduce the size of them by 1/8" on each side to allow a bit of the backing to show. I like this effect; if you do not, keep the paper the same size as the backing.

Step 2: 
Score the pieces of your heavyweight cardstock (each of the 3x6" pieces) at the 1.5" marks, horizontally, like this.  Fold/flatten.

Step 3:

Lay two pieces of the 3x6" cardstock, touching, to form a 6x6" square. The joint should run horizontally. Affix strong double-sided tape to the four corners of the new square, like this.

Step 4:

Form another square with the other two 3x6" pieces, this time with the joint running vertically. Expose the tape, and affix the newly formed square over the other square, taking care to perfectly line up the corners over the adhesive. The joints should now be crossed, or in a + pattern, like this.

Step Five:

Now you will want to open the card up to all of its positions (4), and rub a boning tool over the folds to make sure all of the cardstock bends smoothly.

Open like doors

Flips open from center, top and bottom, like hinged window
Step Six:

Cover each of your blocks by gluing/adhering the lightweight cardstock that has been cut to the appropriate size. You'll want to use your own color(s), but for demonstration purposes, here are the size/placements you'll need:

Step Seven:

Embellish as you wish.   When doing so, make sure you consider what panels will be open/showing when the card is unfolded.  For example, when the last (4th) panel is opened, it's really the back of the card. The person opening the card will view the image upside down from the front, so you may want to have an image or just a patterned paper that looks good from both angles.  Make sense?

Now for me, this sounded really complicated but it is NOT. Once you try it once, you'll have the hang of it. I am a visual learner, so if you're like me, you'll want to view this excellent video that was done by Sarah at "Simply Sarah".  Please do go to Sarah's blogsite to check out the truly beautiful, inspiring cards she's made .. it's one of my favorite sites.


Denise G said...

I love this type of card. So simple yet, the idea of it could entertain me for hours. Thanks for sharing the video too. It really helped it sink in for me.

Benay J said...

This is great! Your instructions are very detailed. Thank you!
I'd like to invite you to post your creations in our gallery at We'd love to help show off your talent. =)
Benay j

bernietom47 said...

Thank you for the wonderful tutorial. OH MY GOSH I've watched every video and read very tutorial I could find on how to make these and unless I missed it no one else said to use a heavy weight card stock. I am sure the lighter weight I have used is the reason mine never opened smoothly.
Blessings Bernie

Unknown said...

Love the card & thanks so much for the instructions!!! I am going to try this! Everyone who's seen your card in person has ooohed and aaaaahed over it... they're all incredibly impressed... Thank you!!!