Sunday, March 27, 2011

Happy Anniversary, MB

Twelve years ago today, I married the sweetest, kindest, most generous and loving man I've ever known ... John.

We have terms of endearment we've called each other over the years, and most of them in some way involve the word "Monkey".  Is it any wonder that I call my blog CardMonkey, then?

Here is the card I made for my man. It started with two monkeys, diecut using Cuttlebug's Zoo Animals mini-dies. I snipped off the branches from the top and put them on the bottom; where the hands once held the branches, I added hearts. I knotted the tails into the shape of a heart, and for good measure, added a red heart that I paper punched.  I embellished the monkeys and leaves using paper piecing, and glued the whole thing down on white card stock onto which I printed the sentiment.

A little faux stitching, I fussy cut the image into a heart shape and mounted it on lime green foam.

Next, I took my new Nikki Sivils paper (love that stuff!) ... the back side of the We Are Family line in red dots ... and embossed it using another Cuttlebug die/embossing folder, Hearts. I used my ATG gun to adhere the heart onto the embossed paper, and the paper to the card.

Here is the inside of the card:

Sorry if the shot doesn't show the sentiment well.
I simply set it on my computer. 

(IWALY, for those who can't figure that out, is I Will Always Love You ... it's engraved inside our wedding rings, with our initials.)

The heart shape is what was die-cut from the front of the card, just glued to the inside.  I hope you (and John, most importantly) like the card!

Our little love story:  For those who are skeptics about the power of the word on the Internet, let me tell you ... John and I met, ONLINE, in 1994. That's before there were online dating services, before Blogger, before Google, before EBay, and before the movie "You've Got Mail." 

Back then, there were no cybercafes and most people hadn't yet ventured onto the Internet.  We met via a "bulletin board" service named PRODIGY.  Then, you could post a message on a dating bulletin board, seeking a date within your (or specified) telephone area code regions.  John responded ... as did dozens of other suitors ... and we started e-mailing back and forth. 

Then I gave John my telephone number and we spent hours on the telephone "meeting" each other. Because I was then recently separated from a long-term marriage (with a 9-year old daughter, Emily, at home), I had trust issues. It took me a solid 2 months until we set up a date, in public ... at the Bennigan's Restaurant. We ended up going out to the movies afterwards.  I will say that "PULP FICTION" is NOT a good first-date movie!!  However, we kissed during it ... and sort of missed the movie >wink!< 

We've been an item ever since. 

I've got to tell you, back then meeting someone online was so unconventional that my therapist advised against it, my boss wrote me up (as if!) for "lack of discretion and judgment", and I was invited to appear on OPRAH! I didn't go ... cold feet ... but we started the trend. 

As I told my therapist in 1994, what better way to meet someone?  I knew he was literate, owned a home and paid his electric bill (to run his computer), was smart and witty, and I knew more about him going into our first date than I've ever known anyone!  "What would I know about a man I'd meet in a bar?  That he's a drinker!"  LOL. 

Anyway, it's worked for us. John accepted me and my daughter Emily as a "package deal."  He's been a WONDERFUL father to Emily, and now is the BEST Poppy to our newborn granddaughter, Charlotte. 

I ♥ John for all he is, and all he brings out in me. Happy 12th anniversary, Baby.


Emily said...

Cute story, and wonderful card!!! I LOVE monkeys so I absolutely am in heaven with the card! Great job!! Happy Anniversary!

Melissa said...

Love your love story and Happy Anniversary! The card you made for your hubby is adorable!


cdm317 said...

What a wonderful story! Happy Anniversary!

Unknown said...

Sweet! Congratulations on 12 years and best wishes for many, many more! Cute card too!

Anniebee said...

This is so sweet, Ellen! I have met several guys via the Internet but have not been lucky enough to find my own John. One relationship lasted almost 3 years in the real world after about 6 months online but that was the longest of the 3. I'm very happy for the two of you and wish you many more years of bliss.


Sugarlips said...

that story is so sweet. I love that you guys have stuff engraved in your wedding rings. My husbands ring says "Edogg and Sugarlips" I love that is means something just to the people who wear the rings.

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dot com

Kimmarie Baker said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! What a beautiful romantic story. You knew him for over 2 months before your went on your first date! My cousin met her husband online got married 5 weeks later, is now prego and he left with the army for a year. She is 20! I hope it works as well for her as it is for you especially with a great guy like yours who took on your daughter as his own - fantastic! BTW - I love your card!!!

jengd said...

Happy Anniversary! It's more recent but I have 2 sets of friends that met online and are quite happily married. It seems to be a good way to do it!

Sarah said...

I love it...I too met my John online :) Thank you for sharing your beautiful story!

Judy said...

Happy Anniversary to you and John. What a wonderful story of your meeting...
The card is so cute. I hope you have a wonderful day...

lovestowearhats said...

I also met my hubby online in 1997. Is working absolutely wonderful and I'd suggest online dating ANY day before in person dating. You get to know them so much BETTER without all the physical stuff being in the way (especially for shy people like both of us were!). 2 states away and he came to visit in a Wal-Mart parking log and we hit it right off. We were married 5 months later and haven't looked bad to our old BAD relationships. We knew what we were looking for even though we were both recently separated and not REALLY looking. Becoming friends first was key. He's my sweetheart and a gem. Congrats to you two as well. We met in a Yahoo chat room. :)