Thursday, March 24, 2011

Another Award on my Shelf

Thanks go out to one of my favorite fellow bloggers, Sarah at Simply Sarah, for thinking of my blog as worthy of the Versatile Blogger Award.  The rules state I must:

1. Thank the person who sent you this award.

2. List 7 things about yourself.

3. Send this to 15 bloggers I like to follow.

So here goes:

1.  The first part is the easiest!  If you haven't discovered Sarah's blog, you MUST! Her projects are really Simply Wonderful. She has a breezy, happy wit and style ... must be all that Arizona air she gets to breathe!  Also, Sarah has the most fantabulous instructional papercraft videos on YouTube. Sarah, thank you ... for the award, but most of all for being you!

2. Now for the boring part, about me:
  1. I met the love of my life, John (aka Mr. Smiley), online back in 1994, before blogging, before online dating, before the movie "You've Got Mail", before cybercafes, etc.  We swapped e-mails for a few weeks before I gave him my phone number ... and we chatted for another month before our first date. We've been an item ever since.
  2. My wedding anniversary (I ♥ you, Mr. Smiley) is this weekend -- March 27. It's our 12th. Seems like just yesterday!!
  3. I have one extraordinary daughter, Emily, age 25. She introduced me to papercrafting about a year and a half ago. Emily and her hubby Josh live just a mile away in her cute first home, so we get together to craft.
  4. Emily and Josh gave me my first grandbaby on December 6, 2010 -- Charlotte Grace -- the light of my life.  Charlotte's cut in on Mommy's crafting time (and mine!) but she is SO worth it.
  5. I have two adorable dogs, Sadie and Morgan, who are both purebred AKC-registered Bichon Frises. They were married in a muttrimony ceremony three years ago; Morgan did the right thing after impregnating Sadie with five of the cutest puppies EVER. 
  6. I am a writer. Not an editor (can't you tell, given these long posts?!).  Pet peeves include finding typos in books, and those who "tweet" their text through abbreviations such as "C U L8R".  LOL, ROFLMAO.
  7. I'm no political beast, but ran for public office in 2007 and won in a landslide. I now serve as the Chairwoman of the Board of Supervisors for my township of ~ 33,000 people. I'm the 3rd female Chair in the township's 300 year history!  And in my spare time I make cards.

3. Now for the hardest part, narrowing my list of favorite blogs to just 15:
  1. Sarah at Simply Sarah
  2. Diane at Capadia Designs
  3. Jacque at Jacque's Joie de Vivre
  4. Linda at The Paper Boutique
  5. Shawn at The Crafty Chics Blog
  6. Alex at You Had Me at Craft
  7. Ruthie at September Ninth
  8. Jennifer at Crafty Card Gallery
  9. Theresa at The Scrapbooking Queen
  10. Joy at Whiff of Joy
  11. Selma at Selma's Stamping Corner
  12. Nichol at Nichol Magouirk
  13. Cristi at Scrappin 5 Little Cupcakes
  14. Jin at Under A Cherry Tree
  15. ____________ Awaiting your recommendation!
Please leave me a comment to let me know what blog I should be following -- either YOURS, or one you find A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.  I'm always searching for new ones and LOVING the many, many I follow.  Thank you to all my fellow crafters who offer inspiration and encouragement!

Again, thank you Sarah, for thinking of me for this award. So kind of you!


Anonymous said...

Follow me!! I'm new to blogging and I would appreciate any tips or pointers.


Unknown said...

You definately deserve the award. I just love coming to your blog and seeing what you've done. Thanks for such great inspirations and ideas


bcriminger said...

I just recently found your blog, it is fab and totally deserves an award!

Unknown said...

Just saw this... Congrats to you & thanks for listing me as one of your favorite 15!