Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Can't wait 'til Charlotte is Older!

The beautiful home page of Kaleigh's blog

Today, while out trolling among the blogs ... yes, procrastinating life .. I came across a beautiful and inspirational blog that is done by 4-year old Kaleigh with the help of her Nana.

The blog is so sweet that it makes me long for the days ahead when my sweet granddaughter Charlotte is old enough to craft with her GramE.

Charlotte Grace, 3 months young

Right now, Charlotte simply delights in the quiet joys of life -- bottle and baths, naps, her swing, watching the ceiling fan and playing with her toy Jacques the Peacock.  

Both Charlotte and Kaleigh remind us to enjoy life as it unfolds before us, and to love every minute we're above God's green grass.

If you'd go to visit Kaleigh's blog (click on the photo of her blogsite, above for the link), I know she'd love to have a few more followers.  And it will do your heart good.

Kaleigh, if you'll follow here too (I am now a proud follower of your site), please send me a private e-mail with your postal address (or your Nana's). I have some special blog candy for you to use on your next playdate with Nana.

Love ♥,
The CardMonkey

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Tami B. said...

Thanks for telling us about this little sweetheart. Gosh, I can not wait till I have grandbabies!!! (I am suffering from empty nest syndrome so bad right now.)