Friday, April 20, 2012

Organizing your supplies to take to a crop: Copics

Hello, Bloggie Friends!

I have been making some fun cards this week, but most of my attention has been paid toward getting ready for the first Scrapbooking/CardMaking Crop I've ever hosted! 

I'm expecting 12 croppers to an all-day event near my home in Warminster, PA. I've rented space at the 263 Marketplace (, rented tables and chairs, and I'm bringing my machines, cartridges, dies, etc.  Woot-woot!! {Pictures to follow this weekend -- if I remember my camera!!}

I am SO looking forward to seeing some of my Central NJ gals again, and also meeting some crafters I only know through this blog or Facebook!!  Gosh, I'm SO excited to meet local paper crafters!!!!!

Of course, this means I have to pack up a good bit of my stuff for the Crop, which means a different level (e.g., portable and safe!) for my organization.  It may mean I keep some of the organization like this when I bring the crafting materials back to the PaperJungle. So I figured I'd show you some of the ways I've found to store/transport my stuff to the Crop.

I'm going to make this a dynamic post ... that is, I'll be adding to it throughout the course of today's packing day. 

Here's my first entry:  Copics!

The last time I went to a crop, all of my Copics fit into a clear paint bucket ... not much on "organization", but it was certainly portable.

And here is how I usually have my Copics stored ready for use in the PaperJungle (not at all portable):


For this weekend's crop, I've found that my Copics fit nicely into an Iris "Card Keeper" that comes with six dividers:


I subdivided most of the sections by cutting pieces of corrugated cardboard to fit, 5.5" high by 10" wide. I organized the markers by color group and by Copic Color Number.  If I didn't have enough in that group to fill one whole row, I put removable/changeable cardboard "fill" so that the markers would stand up when in use.

Now as most Copic users know, you really should store these babies laying flat, so both nibs (top and bottom, broad and fine) stay juicy and ready to use. The nice part about this storage system is that it can stand on its end, and the cover is removable for easy use, like this:

Note that the Copic chart is now folded and is on the top of the case.

Incidentally, I created a Copic color chart that includes all of the new-for-2012 colors. If you'd like me to send a .pdf of the file to you electronically for your own use, leave me a comment here with your e-mail address and a note that you'd like me to send it along.

...back to packing!


kim.scrapper said...

I can't pack for a crop, I end up taking way too much stuff. This is a really cool way to store your copics, a friend of mine stores hers in the stamp container from CTMH and made dividers out of plastic canvas. Email me if you want directions....Crop sounds like so much fun!

Beckie said...

Wish I was closer! I'd be cropping with ya!

Be blessed, Beckie

Star said...

Enjoy your day! Good luck!