Monday, October 7, 2013

To Everything There is a Season

Dear Followers:

There is change in the air, "to everything there is a season," and I am not just writing about the move from summer to autumn. 

In fact, the season has changed on the Lovebug Creations' Creative Team, and I have tendered my resignation.  This is the last post that I will exclusively feature ribbons by LBC, after terms of more than a year. 

It boils down to a difference of opinion -- I have one (actually many) and I am not afraid to express it or them. I did so in a Facebook posting in the "Lovebug Lounge," and stepped on the feelings of a few Lovebugs. One Bug called me out on my opinion in private Facebook messages that became aggressive and attacking me personally. The Bug was relentless and I ended up blocking her messages and "defriending" her on Facebook. The drama was intolerable, and I offered to leave the Team. Offer accepted.

Chevron Fun Footz under the trailer
So what was the flurry about? 

It was about "Fun Footz," an LBC product that featured truly fun patterns -- chevrons, dots and animal prints -- but unfun (at least for me) because they were only available in what I considered snips of 12". That's right -- you couldn't buy it by the yard, I believe due to production issues, but only in three pieces of 12" each.

I found that when I used "Fun Footz", I had to piece together the snips or use them creatively rather than wrap my cards or make my bows with abandon. Here's one such card:

For this card at right,  I used all three 12" Footz of a very pretty green and magenta chevron that matched my Close To My Heart paper perfectly. I used 10" inside the card for the two horizontal stripes, and two of the 12" snips to make the vertical wrap around the left side of the card. All I had left was used to make a knotted "bow" on the center when I would have liked a full sassy real bow. Grrrr.  And I couldn't buy more of this color because it only came sold in a set of Chevrons of other Fun Footz colors.  The size/set limitation really frustrated me creatively.

So when Kimi (LBC's head Lovebug/owner) posted on the public Facebook  "Lovebug Lounge" that Fun Footz were being discontinued -- get 'em quick -- I resisted the urge to say "Good riddance."  (They are no  longer available on the LBC store.)

Instead, I complimented the colors and patterns, but expressed my frustration in the size limitations. According to the one Lovebug, my comments were "tactless" and "in poor taste."  She reminded me that by being on the Creative Team, I was essentially "hired" to express nothing but "love" in a public forum. In truth, I purchased far more Rumple Ribbon than I ever got for free -- yes, at a small discount -- so I really didn't consider myself a hired lackey. I honestly love Rumple Ribbons -- just not Fun Footz.

Well, my friends, you might know me better than that, I am not sure. If I love a product without reservation, I tell you. If there are cons, I am going to tell you too.  Yes, I am loyal, but at the same time, I am honest -- hopefully not brutally or "tactlessly" honest.

I had a lot of fun on the Lovebug Creations Creative Team and worked with some of the very, very best people. I served on the Team since its inception. I posted 61 projects on this blog with its 1339+ followers ... and I am still proud of each of the projects, and also my followers!  In fact, I've added a page to the top of this blog (link HERE) where you can see all my projects that feature LBC's Rumple Ribbons, Mama's Mesh and yes, Fun Footz. 

I admit, I am a feeling a bit stung at how my end happened and how quickly I was snuffed. When I worked full-time and some employees (including me!) suddenly left the office mysteriously, we referred to them as "DNPs" -- Departed, No Party.  A leaving in a "Don't Let the Door Hit You On The Backside On Your Way Out" kinda way. 

When I left the LBC Creative Team, I had made and pre-planned and scheduled many of my Monday posts for the months ahead. This includes the card at the top of this post, that features Olive Rumple Ribbon sewn inside some Sunset Mama's Mesh.

The cards I featured here throughout the post are those you would have been seeing in the weeks ahead, if my term continued. As you might suspect, I put a lot of time and commitment into serving on this Team -- and I want you to be able to enjoy the cards and ideas on the cards that I've made.

So this post is my way of giving myself a pat on the back and saying, "Well done!"  (see left). 

In the months ahead, I'll be looking at other options for ribbons and seam binding on my projects. I have already gotten in an order from 3 Girl Jam, and have other delicious colors to share with you from other ribbon vendors too. 

Thank you, Lovebug Creations, for allowing me the opportunity to explore how nice ribbons can look on my cards. I value you, my readers -- and always welcome your honesty even if I don't always agree with your opinion. That's why there's vanilla and chocolate (and many more flavors) of ice cream! 

Did someone say ice cream??  I  have Tin Roof Sundae in my freezer. What's your favorite flavor?


Golden Goddess Designs said...

the more chocolate the better
choco super deluxe moose tracks?
cyper hugs!

Unknown said...

LOVE that touch of sass!

Star said...

Your honesty has always been refreshing and welcomed. I have always appreciated your willingness to be truthful, when others tell you differently. The old "emperor's new clothes" lie has never been something you do. and that's why you are special.