Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Dear Poppy ... You're fine!

I apologize for letting my blog slip a bit. Life just sometimes gets in the way, and some days, it is difficult to post. I have to say, the past week has been like that. I have been worried and tearful. You see, my dear hubby John had a colonoscopy that turned into anything but routine. The doctor struggled to remove a very large polyp (30mm), among many others, and we awaited biopsy results.

They came in today -- and we got the wonderful news that everything is benign. "Pre-cancerous" which means to stay vigilant, but we dodged the Big C bullet. 

Tonight, as John naps (hiding his worry has been tiring for him too), I made a card for no reason ... just to express what is in my heart....

"Poppy" -- or "Pot" to granddaughter Charlotte -- and vibrant colors of "new life". Thank you, dear God, for sparing the man I love of cancer. We are so very grateful.