Friday, December 6, 2013

No better bling than a Granddaughter's Smile!

Can you believe this cutie
is three years old today?!
HaPpY birthday
to my dear granddaughter,
 Today, Charlotte and her Mommy Emily and I are going out to see the new animated movie, "Frozen."  It's the first time Charlotte is seeing a movie in the theaters and we think she's ready to handle it. Charlotte is a little bit afraid of the dark so she said she'll bring a glow bracelet and a "fwashlight" just in case. 
Tomorrow is the party with more family -- Daddy Josh, Pot (my hubby John), Bubba (Josh's Mom), Grandpa Steve (..and Josh's stepdad), and Uncles Nick and Matt. The theme will be a surprise to me; depending on the weather I think, Charlotte tells one of us or the other that she wants a Doc McStuffin party, an Ariel party, a dolphin party, a Minion party or a Princess party. All I know for sure is that she wants "balloons" and "cake ... lots of cake!"  (late breaking news: I'm told the cake is MINION!!)
Pot and I gave Charlotte her own "pink iPad" for her birthday. It's actually my 1-yr old iPad but she has more apps and videos on it than I do. So we upgraded the case to a heavy-duty pink "childproof" case and gave it to her last week when she visited.  We have a few other "prezzies" for her, but none is as nice as the gift she gives us all year long.  She gives us life ... joy ... and makes the air so much sweeter to breathe. Being a grandparent is THE BEST!
Now a little bit about crafting, just because that's the reason you stopped here. Charlotte's Mom Emily asked me to make the Age Shirt for kiddo.First I backed the cute bubble fabric with Pellon Light adhesive interfacing. Then, fabric side onto the mat, I cut the fabric using my Cricut Expression 2, and peeled the adhesive backing off the "3" and ironed it onto a shirt from Old Navy. I machine-appliqued the number using a tight zig-zag stitch on my Husqvarna Diamond Viking sewing/embroidery machine.

For the cute sneakers -- Charlotte's "Chucks" -- Emily traced a paper template for the toes. Then she lightly taped the template onto the Dazzling Diamond rhinestone resin adhesive sheets from The Buckle Boutique* and cut the clear "diamonds" using regular scissors. She peeled off the paper backing and applied the sheet -- no individual rhinestones, no choking hazard -- GREAT for kids' and adult shoes alike!
I made the crazy bows and sewed them onto crocodile hair clips. The Chucks were laced with satin ribbons and the removable bows were added for the pictures and party.

Here's Charlotte's month-by-month progression, from 2 years to 3, almost all in 2013.

I have a massive crush on this girl!!

Happy birthday,
darling Charley!!


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sarah said...

Agree!!!! What a cute & enjoy your time together...

mamawcindy said...

Charlotte is Adorable and I love the things you made her. My Grand Children are wanting to see Frozen. Happy Birthday to your little sweetie. There is nothing in this world better than Grand Children. :0)