Friday, April 4, 2014

Happy Birthday to Two Very Special Women!

Two of my dearest, and longest-term friends, celebrate birthdays within 10 days of each other. I made a 3-D Pop-up card (below) for each of them.  But first about them:

I first met Debbie as "Mrs. Donaldson," when she was to interview me for my second job after college, and the first in what would be the field of my choice: public relations in the health industry.

Debbie was the Program Coordinator for the Philadelphia Chapter of the March of Dimes, and I was applying to be its Communications Coordinator.  Debbie found herself located in Philadelphia when her husband, Tom, was stationed in the City for the Navy.  She hired me, and we had a wonderful time working together, and building a friendship as well.

Debbie, Tom and their beautiful family traveled the world with the Navy. They're now located back in Virginia, near their daughter Krista and her young family.  I hope we'll see the Donaldsons in 2014 on a visit, now that they're not too far away.

That's Mary Beth, second from left. She is hugged by Dani at left and her
son, AJ. Next to AJ is MB's daughter, Nicole. Out ice skating.
The other young'un is one of my most favorite women, my baby sister Mary Beth.  Mary B is the "new 50" this year -- you know, 50 is the new 30 -- because I swear MB looks more like a sister to her two beautiful daughters Danielle and Nicole than their mother.  Check this out:

She was always the most athletic of the sisters, for sure (check out this t-ball picture from a zillion years ago), but now, as climbs to the top of the halfway point to 100, she has taken on a new passion: running.  Can you believe this woman is now running half-marathons!!?  I admire her more than she can possibly know. While I spend marathon sessions on my butt making cards, she's out running hers off.  God bless!!!

... and happy birthday to you both!

I made these cards using Jillibean Soup's papers and embellishments from the Birthday Bisque line.  The template is my own, developed from the pattern provided free by  I love the celebration of a 3-d pop-up card, and am hooked on making them!  :)



Vickie said...

love your pop up cards. I love making them.

Star said...

You MUST teach me this technique!!! Be home SOON!