Monday, June 2, 2014

Lots to celebrate in June!

It's hard to believe it's June already ... oh my word, where has the time gone??

In June, there will be plenty to celebrate.  First and foremost, we are expectantly (pun intended!) awaiting the arrival of our Grandbaby #2, a boy who will be named Evan Joshua. (Isn't that nice?!)  He'll be the little brother of Grandbaby #1, Charlotte, who is now just about three-and-a-half and is SO anxious for "her baby."  

Dear Daughter Emily is SO READY to POP!  (That's how Charlotte thinks the baby will be arriving, now that Mommy's belly is as big as
any balloon Charlotte has ever seen!)  Yes, Emily is still working (what a trouper!), those long 12-hour overnight shifts as an ER/Trauma nurse. She's delivering at the hospital where she works ... and hopefully it won't be on a day/shift she's working.  :)

Meanwhile, my Mom turns 84 next week, Dad just turned 86 last week and we've had one nephew graduating from Penn State with a degree in computer sciences, and another nephew graduating from high school and moving on to college. And of course, it's Father's Day in June! :)

There's also an anniversary I want to mention too -- it's Close To My Heart's 30th anniversary this month. In celebration, there are some terrific specials that you can nab for just $30 with a qualifying $50 purchase.  Here are the details:

Also, this month, you can get yourself this adorable Stamp of the Month called  "KABOOM". (I used it to make the art, above.)  It's just $5 with the same $50 purchase. So for just $85 total ($50 purchase, plus $30, plus $5), you can get up to $135 worth of CTMH merchandise -- what a deal! KABOOM!

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