Friday, June 15, 2018

Color Your World with Re-Inkers!

Let's talk re-inkers. We all have them, but other than using them to re-ink those well-loved stamp pads, did you know that you can use them for many, many other purposes?

One of my favorite sources of tips and product news for Close To My Heart is it's blog, "Make It From Your Heart."  I highly recommend subscribing to it.  In today's blog post there, you can find the tip I show you below, as well as several other great ways to use your re-inkers.

So you'll want to jump over to today's post once you're done here.  Here's that link:

Check out this terrific card made for Father's Day (this Sunday!!).  I love how watered-down re-inker makes the splatter background, or using a water brush with a few drops of re-inker can "paint" a color like the Juniper on this card (lower part).  

And check out that multi-colored "stamp pad" used to stamp the sentiment from the "Rad Dad" stamp set....

I'll give you a hint:  Stack up some Baby Wipes (four were used in this photo) and randomly drip complementing colors of re-inkers onto the wipes. Here, CTMH used Juniper, Sapphire and Crystal Blue

(Be sure to protect your work surface with an All-Purpose Mat, as that ink can stain your table top.) 

Are there other ways that you use your re-inkers?  Let me know, in a comment here, for your chance to win a re-inker in the color of your choice!