Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Introducing: My first "Top Banana" Award

In redesigning my blog recently -- a project that's underway and will likely a dynamic process -- I decided to add a page (up there, on the top row) for my "Top Bananas". 

Some of the "Top Bananas" will be people, fellow bloggers.  Others will be papercrafting vendors who have products I endorse, at fair prices, with excellent customer service. 

Still others will be good-deed doers in this papercrafting world whose work is simply a-peel-ing to me.

Elle N' jenn's blogThe first winner of a CardMonkey Top Banana is a crafty sister-in-crime, Jenn McLean, who has spruced up my website just to be nice.  Jenn and I struck up a long-distance friendship ... she's oh, 2962 miles away, on the west coast of Canada.  We are so much alike, and yet so very different, that we've decided to start a co-blog called "Elle 'N Jenn". It will be the blog version of Thelma and Louise, or Laverne and Shirley, or Oscar and Felix.

Not only is Jenn a sweet fellow blogger, but she encourages good deeds among fellow artists. Check out the story of Jenn's participation in The Butterfly Project, which she writes about in the first issue of a European magazine for artists called "Featuring." 

Jenn writes on her blog today about her having become a published artist and writer.  Click
HERE to be linked to Jenn's site and the story.

This is Jenn's amazing work of art she painted and submitted
to The Butterfly Project, as featured in the Spring 2012 issue of Featuring:

To purchase a copy of this magazine or to subscribe, click this link:

So Jenn, this banana's for you.  Thank you again for all your help in reworking my blog and figuring out a way to get me to be a little more OCD in my messy world. Thank you for brightening my days with Random Acts of Kindness and happy mail, like the sweet handmade earrings and bookmark I received yesterday.  OH, and this scan really doesn't do the work justice, but here is a beautiful watercolor painting Jenn did just for me -- just because. 

www.JustAddWaterSilly.com Link
Don't I have wonderful, warm and talented friends?!  Hop over the Jenn's blog and congratulate her on her first publication!  Please tell her I sent you :).

Creatively Yours,

P.S.  -- A special shout-out to one of my best friends, Bernie, who had his left knee replaced yesterday -- and to his wife Star (my "bestie") for her loving support of him. Be well, my friends!!

P.P.S.  -- And happy birthday to my hubby John today ... and to my friend Jenn (above) tomorrow!! 

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Jennifer McLean said...

You're just the sweetest, Ellen! Thanks so much for the shout out. I got to be your first top banana!!!!! I'm totally honored.

Tell John HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a fellow Taurus.

Our new blog should look even better by the end of the day!! I'll email you soon.