Monday, May 14, 2012

My 400th blog posting!! Unleash Your Imagination

What better way to celebrate my 400th blog posting (in less than 2 years) than sharing with you a 3-D home decor project I made for my Paper Jungle. 

I came up with this idea when my mind was wandering, thinking about what I'd like to feature in this weekend's Disney Pixar Blog Hop (May 19-20, beginning at I'm co-hosting this time, so please swing by. I have two different projects to post on Days 1 and 2 ... and here is my "extra" project I made just .... because.

On my trips to Disney, I'm always staggered by the creative genius that seems to drip from the water faucets at the theme park. Wouldn't you love to spend some time living in the "right brain" of a Disney Imagineer? 

One of my favorite characters in Disney is Figment, and the whole Imagination Station. I wanted to depict Figment as being confined ... perhaps by time or circumstance?  So I started with this pretty birdcage that stands 17" high x 11" wide. Unfinished, it's by KaiserCraft. 

I painted it white with acrylic paint, and topped the ring at the top and the cage's feet with gold metallic paint pen by Krylon.  The Figment image is one I Googled and then hand-cut. I broke out center portions of the cage, putting the shards in Figment's hands as if he broke out of the cage; I threaded the Figment image as if she/he/it was being unleashed.

Figment is standing on a mountain of scrap paper and cut outs. I made this collage by spreading a coating of white glue on plain paper and sprinkling off-cuts from my trash can all over it. Some bits are hole punches, some are bitty butterflies, cut ovals, heart shapes, etc.  I then applied a thin layer of glue over the surface, and lightly sprinkled glitter over the pile. 

For the UNLEASH banner at the top, I used Cricut's Art Philosophy cartridge, cut at 1.25", for the pennant, and Cricut's Simply Sweet cartridge for the font, cut at 1".  Figment is holding a clothesline of Scrabble squares held on with miniature clothespins to spell the word YOUR.  The word IMAGINATION was cut using PTI dies.  Rolled roses topped off the pretty display.

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Jennifer McLean said...

WooHoo!! Four hundred, holy COW!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great post and even greater piece of artwork. Congrats my friend, hard but fun work to do in two years. Quite amazing.

Jessica Buffa said...

What a fantastic project to share for your 400th post. Congrats on all of your wonderful blog success. So happy to call you a Blend!
Jessica S

Anita said...

Congratulations!!!!!!And your project is PERFECT!!!!!!!It must have taken you hours to make,It is beautiful.Keep on keeping us inspired,
Hugs, Anita <3