Sunday, April 14, 2013

An Unplanned Trip to Scrapbook Expo

Saturday morning is my time to spend with my granddaughter -- time together I call "Gii & Me".  Don't you just love that sweet name that Charlotte gave me, "Giiiiiiii?"  

Even not feeling well, Charlotte is almost
always the most pleasant little girl! ♥
Well, today little Charlotte woke up at 3 a.m., feeling under the weather. Her temp went all the way up to 103.7, OMG! and she was coughing up a storm. Poor thing!  So our playdate was cancelled and she stayed home with Mommy and Daddy, watching some Disney movies about princesses.  

That meant I was able to visit the Scrapbook Expo when it traveled to nearby Oaks, PA.  I bought some cute stamps from Rubbernecker Stamps and Stamps by Judith; you'll be seeing those a bit later. I suppose it was worth the trip ... but always worth the trip are the nice people I meet at paperfests.
Rubbernecker Stamps: Poppies
Even when it's just chatting in line, waiting to pay for purchases, hands down, the people who paper craft are just charming!  

I'm working on finishing up my cards from the Jillibean Soup Card Kitchen card kit. With 8 unique designs and plenty of paper left to figure out your own designs, I ♥ this collection in particular.  Here is one of the cards I made tonight:


Carole said...

I'm you live in the King of Prussia/Limerick area? I do.
I'm hoping the charming Charlotte feels better real soon.

Unknown said...

I am so jealous you got to go to the expo - it is coming to Atlanta in July and I have already asked for the day off from work :-)