Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mom, Part II

On this last day of June, let me show you the Mother's Day card I made for the Greatest Mother in the World.

The card shown at right here featured an intricate floral design cut with my Cricut Expressions on tan stock, using a Dover Publications .svg file that I converted to a cut file on Sure Cuts A Lot.

I repeated my cut using dark green cardstock, and cut a white paper backing to layer underneath the tan paper. I put the tan paper over the white, marking with a pencil the center point for each flower. Then, using the gamosol technique with colored pencils, I smudged a complimenting color pattern of peach, tan and pink for the flower petals onto the white layer. When that was dry, I glued the tan onto the white backing, then pulled the leafy layer from the green and inserted it into the tan cut, gluing down the dark green leaves.

Next, I used the gadribbles -- the green paper that had been cut for the leaves -- and trimmed it to mat the white layer. I glued the whole picture onto a 5x7" card onto which I printed my sentiment crafted especially for Mom.

Have a flower-filled, sunny day, blessed by love, grace and patience.

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