Saturday, June 26, 2010

My Blog -- In its infancy

Hello, friends and fellow paper artists!

This is my first post on my own CardMonkey blogspot, where I hope to show some cards that I have created. Be gentle with me -- gentle as you would be to this newborn baby -- as I am new to this Blog World.

First up, let me show you the Baby Shower Invitation I am creating to honor and celebrate the upcoming birth of my first grandbaby. He or she is due to be born in late November/early December, so I have a little time to get 60 or so of these done.

The picture above was my "first draft" of the invitation. The final design incorporates the feet under the baby blanket, with only the toes peeking out and curling up over the baby-themed paper. Also, the "hands" will curl up from the inside of the invitation to hold the blanket (top flap) down.

At right, you can see the inside of the invitation. The blanket flaps down, and the text for the shower info appears like a "sandwich board" that the baby is holding.

Here is the recipe for the card:

Using SCAL or MTC, design the baby using one long rectangle, topped with a circle for the head and two circles for the ears. Elongate the ears a bit so they're not unnaturally super-round. I laid my babies out in a way that I could fit three across on a 12x12" sheet. I cut out 60 of the babies, from 20 sheets of flesh-colored cardstock.

I modified the SCAL design to create the blanket, by eliminating the top half of the long rectangle, and the head and ears. I laid out the blankets 6-up on a 12x12" sheet. I cut these from an assortment of baby-patterned papers. I cut the "hands" using a standard 3/4" hole punch.

I used Cricut's Accent Essentials swirly set at 1/2" to Auto-Fill cut from a 6x6" paper. I used "blonde" colored paper to resemble my daughter's hair. For the eyelet lace at the top of the blanket, I cut 1" strips from an 8.5x11" piece of paper, and punched them using Martha Stewart's eyelet Around-The-Corner punch.

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D said...

Your baby shower invite rocks girl! Thank you for the sweet words Ellen :) They really made my day!