Sunday, June 27, 2010

Puppy Love

Friends know that two white furballs occupy a large part of my heart. They're my Bichon Frise puppies, Sadie and Morgan. OK, I admit that I'm one of those late-in-life dog owners who overindulge our pups, treating them more like children than animals.

Recently, Sadie and Morgan stayed overnight at The Furry Godmother's bed-and-biscuit, so my hubby (a.k.a. "Mr. Smiley") and could visit my parents in Florida. Daughter Emily puppy-sat for the majority of the long weekend (Thanks, BabE!), so their stay with Marie and Jim and pups was brief.

Getting to know the Furry Godmother (Marie Ford) in all her sweetness was a wonderful experience. She is warm and inviting, and she knew how to spoil -- that is, I mean, "well love" -- the small dogs who she cares for in her home. I told Marie about my paper crafting, and Marie shared the info that in her previous life, before going to the dogs (!!), she worked for a paper manufacturing company and (!!!!) had a boxful of paper and paper samples I could have (!!!!!!!).

I was so happy, I almost lifted my leg to pee on her trees!!! (LOL) What a wonderful gift ... glossies, envelopes, linens, oodles and oodles, a virtual motherlode, oooh-la-la.

Marie also shared a picture of Havanese puppy that she had fallen in love with, a puppy born to the same pup-parents as one of her little charges. It wouldn't take much to convince Marie's husband Jim to add to their canine brood! So I made the card (above) to welcome Annie to the household.

I also made this card (at right) to thank Marie for the extraordinary care she took of Sadie and Morgan, and also to thank her for the fabulousness of the paper collection. I used one of the papers for the fairy godmother's dress and hat, here; I cut the both the godmother and dog from a Silhouette clip art/CD Rom from Dover Publishing, using Sure Cuts A Lot software to convert the .svg file to cut using my Cricut.

Yes, I'm in puppy love -- with the cards I can now create with up-to-date technology and good ol' fashioned creativity. I'm also in love with my "beasts," Sadie and Morgan, pictured here (and yes, they got married two years ago, in a Muttrimony Ceremony). Oh, and I love Mr. Smiley, too -- pictured here (below, right) when we were in Florida in early June.


D said...

Your blog looks fabulous girl!!! Your babies are soooo cute (and so are your cards :)) I have blog candy at my blog if you want to take a look :)

Bonnie said...

Love your cards. Your babies are adorable! I got excited when I read your mention of the Furry Godmother (there is an establishment with that name in my area) and I thought you might live in my area. Then I read your profile and saw that you don't live in NC. I am a follower now!

Bonnie said...

BTW Ellen, check out my blog:

I am looking forward to seeing your future creations.