Friday, November 26, 2010

Snow Globe Santa

Good early morning, shoppers!

Were you one of the Christmas shoppers who wait for "Black Friday" for deals to do your Christmas shopping? Or were you one who spends the day decorating for the most festive holiday of the year?

Or, like many of us, were you in your craft room finishing up your handmade Christmas cards to get them in the mail soon?

Well, I would like to be one of those who lay on the couch all day suffering the ill-effects of too much turkey, stuffing and desserts (yes, plural!), but I will be out at the 263 Marketplace in Warminster, hawking my wares. I am not currently selling my cards, as I've come to the realization that I'd have to sell a LOT of cards to pay the very reasonable rent. Instead, I am selling off a good bit of my collection of Byers' Choice Carolers. And they have been moving! YAY!! Share the love!

....and I've been spending "spare" time just making cards for the pure pleasure of it.

Here is one (above) that is one of my favorites. It features a "snow globe" that I made by printing a vintage-looking image of Santa, using my inkjet printer, and mounting it under a cardboard ring. I then took some superfine glitter mixed with anti-static powder -- about a 1/2 teaspoon in total -- put that on top of Santa and covered it with a piece of acetate cut to fit over the cardboard ring. I added another cardboard ring on top of the acetate for extra stability, and covered it with a red cardstock "medallion" cut using the Cricut Cake Basics cartridge.

I made my own paper ("I Believe") on my printer. I mounted it on more red cardstock, and embellished it with a strip of velvet ribbon.

I really like how this card came out, and hope you do too. Whatever the day brings to you, may you find peace and happiness!

p.s. -- The baby countdown continues! We're still awaiting the arrival of our first grandbaby, a girl her parents plan to name Charlotte Grace. The sweet bundle is not "due" until December 2, but her mom and dad -- and GramE and Poppie too! -- are SOOOOOOOOoooooo ready!

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