Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Using transfer tape

Good morning, Fellow All-Things-Paper-Fans!

This morning, I will show an intricate cut where the placement of the letters was made possible only with transfer tape.
I use many different programs for my paper cutting ... and am very bad about writing down which one I've used to make a card. I think I got this design in the Make-The-Cut gallery.

The swirly letters forming the Christmas tree are beautiful, don't you think?

But the cut is so intricate that the lift-and-paste would take forever, if it was not for transfer tape. Most of the time, this "repositionable" (easy release) wide tape is used to assist in the placement of vinyl letters on a wall. I bought a 5" wide huge roll of it from the Provo Craft display at a recent Creating Keepsakes Convention.

To use this tape, first cut your design. I then remove the off-cuts -- that is, the paper surrounding the cut design. Then, carefully lay the tape over your words or design while it is still on your Cricut mat. Burnish/rub the tape so that the letters will adhere to the tape. Gently lift the tape (with the letters or design affixed) and turn the tape over, adhesive side up.

Now, apply glue to the underbelly of your design, but not to the tape.
Next, affix the design to the cardstock you are using. For my card, I cut the design from a soft green, and affixed it to an opalescent cardstock. Let the image dry! Come back later, and remove the transfer tape. Voila! Don't be tempted to try to remove the tape before the adhesive is dry -- be patient! (This is always the hardest part for me!) Later, embellish your art as you wish. I used red gemstones.


Josie0602 said...

I absolutely love this! I dont have Make the Cut but it looks great!

Shawn Mosch said...

I LOVE this card!