Thursday, December 8, 2011

Busy, busy this time of year -- Aren't we all!?

Hello, Papercrafters! 

I realize I've been quiet. I haven't had a lot of time in the Paper Jungle, creating anew. Instead, I've been helping my daughter Emily finish projects for granddaughter Charlotte's birthday party decorations and attire, including this little onesie for Charley to wear under her tutu:

Then when that one didn't match daughter Emily's "vision" (sometimes it's hell having a creative daughter!!), I went on to make this one:

... and three more versions too. I stopped taking pictures after Versions 1 and 2 ... will take a picture and show you the one Mom dresses her in, at the party on Saturday.

This is a digital montage I made in celebration of Charlotte's first year. I plan to print this out and use it as the cover of my card.

I've also been cleaning -- the Paper Jungle as well as the whole house, as my family (including my dear Mom, Dorothy, coming from FL) is coming for a weekend visit to help celebrate the special occasion.

We'll cap the weekend with a show at Philadelphia's largest theater, the Walnut Street Theatre, where "The King and I" is playing. My nephew, Conrad, has the child-lead in the musical, playing Louis, the son of Anna (who is the "I" in "The King and I").  Anna is being played by Rachel York, a Broadway star.

.... and work. UGH. I have a very sad admission I'm working on ... At age 2 months, the baby was badly abused, allegedly by a parent; life support sustains the infant, and no miracle will ever be enough for this beautiful little baby. Beyond sad. What kind of monster can do this?!  As much as it is so hard to see children who suffer diseases or injuries that are traumatic but no one's fault, it is soul-sucking to bear witness to this sort of damage.

Not to be "Debbie Downer" here, but I've learned my crafting friends can help me distract and rebirth my "joie de vivre" after such difficult days.

On that note, I leave you with a gift of sorts. Coupons! A.C. Moore is having a terrific sale tomorrow and Saturday -- $10 off your purchase of $30, so that's 33% off!  Also, there's a bonus coupon, 50% off a papercrafting item. Here ya go ... Merry Christmas to YOU!!  Shop early, shop often!

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