Sunday, August 26, 2012

Happy Birthday, Star!

By the time that my friend Star reads this blog post, we will have met for dinner to celebrate our birthdays. Hers is tomorrow (8/27) and mine was last Sunday (8/19), and so we have double the fun on our dinner out with our hubbies.

Credits:  Studio cut files from Silhouette Online Store; Stickles
Star and I have known each other for 33 years, when she and I worked together at St. Christopher's Hospital for Children. How lucky am *I* to have met her, and her sweetheart, Bernie.  Now, not only do we have our long friendship in common, but now we both make cards!

In case you're wondering, I always try to find a card with a star on it -- made easier now that we craft the cards.

And we exchange a little something, usually crafty, like a magazine or a book.  This year, I made her this 3-D box, and stuffed it with 3-yard sample bobbins of some of my favorite twine.  The card, box, star-shaped ribbon confetti, and even the cardboard bobbins for my twine were all cut using my Cameo, and files purchased from Silhouette Online Store.


DeFiaNtLy DiFfeReNt & CreAtiVeLy Yours,


jengd said...

Great stuff! Your card and box are adorable and what a fun present!

Star said...

You're too much, dear friend! When did you have time to post this? We just were together and already my gift is history! The star box is adorable and I love it. You are so creative. and my star card is gorgeous! I, too, enjoy our shared interst in card making.

Jennifer McLean said...

awww, what a good present for a sweet friend. The card is spectacular, isn't it great to have good people in your life?? I sure appreciate the people in mine. ;o)
Much love,

Ashley Nicole said...

Love the card. Clean and simple and love the colors. The star box is really cute. The possibilities are endless! So nice that friends for so long are able to enjoy the same hobby together.

sarah said...

very nice!!!great gift/card & sure she'll enjoy both...Enjoy U'r time Celebrating...:)

scrapperbecka said...

Very cute card! I love the SD cuts but I have a cricut.
Great job