Saturday, August 18, 2012

It's a Birthday Blog Hop Happening Now!

Dear Jamie asked me to be part of her Birthday Blog Hop before she realized she'd be celebrating it with a monkey ...

Because it's my birthday (well, tomorrow), too!

So Jamie, happy birthday! But in typical Leo fashion, haha, it's all about the monkey this weekend, so I will show you how we celebrate around here. Stick around because I have terrific BLOG CANDY at the monkey-tail end...

It used to be in my younger years (ahem!) that I was impressed with jewelry. No longer!  Now, forget jewelry ... give me my new obsession: Copic markers!  LOL.  Dear hubby has indulged me. Well, first he got me an iPad, but billed it as a combo-Mother's Day and Birthday present. 

Then along came Copic markers ... I've been having great fun directing him to all the nifty sites I've found where he could order them at well below MSRP/list price.  (Try Jerry's Artarama, Oozak, or Mister Art!)   This is about half of my whole collection where he added some "missing" colors. Thank you, honey! I you more than all the stars in the sky ... and more than all the Copic markers in the world!

Some of you may know that earlier in my birthday month, I treated myself to an overnight stay in New Jersey so I could take both Beginner's and Intermediate Copic Certification Classes.  So for this post, I'm showing you a sketch from, done by Sue Coccia, that I purchased and colored. Note: the illustration is Sue's -- wonderful -- but the coloring is all mine. Much fun!!  This will get framed for my craft room. Don't you love it?! 

Not only did I love the classes (thank you to my instructors, Lori Craig and Colleen Schaan!), but I met a wonderful new friend who sat next to me on Day #2, Jasmina.  

Here is the card she made for me and sent it to me so that I'd receive it today. Jaz, you're a doll -- and man, oh, man -- you are an artiste!!

Speaking of artiste, another dear friend I've met through this WWWW (wonderful world wide web!) is one of my other besties, Jenn McLean.  Jenn threw a party for me today on her blog!  Check it out, including the hysterical egg greeting, by going HERE (click).  Thank you so much, Jenn!!

And another WWWW crafty friend, Sarah, sent me a card and goodie package replete with monkey sweetness. Check it out!  Thank you, Sarah!

You know we celebrate monkeyhood around here at the CardMonkey's Paper Jungle, so there are always a few monkey cards tossed in for good measure (at right).  Hysterical!!!

Also, I'll be getting together next weekend for dinner with one of my favorite peeps in the whole world, a sweetheart who's been my friend (
imagine!) for longer than there's been an Internet. I mean, we go way, way back -- about half our lives, and we've been there for each other always. Star's an August baby, too!  Star has promised to pluck my chin hairs when I'm in a nursing home some day ... Star, I'm holding you to it!  Love you!

And I do like the finer things for my birthday, like flowers. What a beautiful bouquet I got already from my dear daughter Emily, her hubby Josh, and baby Charlotte!  I you all more than anything! Mom and Dad ... what a lovely leather pocketbook you've sent. (LOL, holds a lot of Copic markers!!) Thank you, too!

OK, so now that I've bored you by including you in my birthday celebration (which I plan to continue throughout at least the end of this month!), I have a GIFT for you! BLOG CANDY, yay!!

ONE lucky follower who leaves a comment here gets a chance to win this lovely set of three pastel Copic Sketch markers -- brand new, purchased by me -- to say thanks for sticking around at my party. (Okay, and Jamie's too!)  

And that's not all ... Hop on over to Jamie's blog at the start here (in case you've not yet been) to learn about the tasty blog candy that Kristy at Scraptastical Kreations has pledged!  Thank you, Kristy!

Alrighty, enough partying with the Monkey. Time for you to move on to your next celebrant, Ashley.  I hope your birthday whenever it is, is as spectacular as mine has been. 
In case you get lost along the way, here's the full hop list. Again, thank you for visiting. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Augusters!

LissaMarie -

DeFiaNtLy DiFfeReNt & CreAtiVeLy Yours,


Jamie said...

Happy Birthday to you too! Oh no I just read that you love comments more than bananas, now I'm going to go around the house for the second night in a row singing the song and spelling out bananas. :) Thanks for participating! Hope yours is wonderful!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday a day early!!! Hope this is a wonderful day for you and a terrific year!!!

Kimberly Pate | KP Kre8tions said...

Oh, I hope you have a super wonderful birthday tomorrow. May your day be filled with all things wonderful and happy.


Jennifer McLean said...

Awww, happy birthday my sweet friend, and look at all those new copics!! you must be in your glory!
(Love the ciao colors by the way! xxoo)

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday to you also!
I know I have been to your blog many times, I am unsure how I was not already following you... I fixed it though! Thanks for your awesome post!
<3 Pam

Lezlye said...

Happy Birthday Ellen! Thanks for the chance at the yummi Copics!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday to you.... happy birthday to you.... you look like a monkey and smell like one too!! hee hee:) Oh my sweet friend happy happy birthday. What a large collection of Copics you have.... I am just starting my collection! of Copics... i'm what you call a copic virgin... LOL wishing you the best on your special day!!!!

{love love}

Paper Craft Island said...

Happy Birthday Ellen!!! I so enjoy reading your posts....So funny and fun to read! Telling the world you love your hubby more then all the copics in the world...WOW! Now thats love!!! :) So I hope you enjoy your marvelous day and its filled with all things colorful!!! :)


VonnyK said...

Happy Birthday Ellen, I'm just popping over from Jenn's blog. She spoke so highly of you that I just had to come over and meet you. Your colouring with the copics is fabulous. They look like fun pens.
Enjoy your birthday, it's mine next week too. We are Leos together!!

Jill Angel said...

Happy Birthday to you tomorrow! Enjoy those Copics fun, fun, fun! Great hopping with you!

Caryn S said...

Love your monkey! Looks like you got some seriously cool swag for your birthday! Have a great day and many happy returns!

Nancy Kirkup said...

Happy Birthday Ellen! I just love that picture you posted of Jamie, hilarious! And your project is amazing, love all the colors...beautiful!! Already a follower ;)

K Clark said...

happy birthday!!! also from another Leo!!! Love your monkey from Sue... I would love to also join a Copic class you are so lucky but we don't have to many here in Ontario - have a great day!!

jengd said...

Let's see- let me do this in list form; :)
1. Happy early birthday!!
2. Happy birthday Jamie!
3. Great monkey! Looking forward to taking the Copic Certification Classes someday when they're local.
4. That video on Jenn's blog is a hoot!
5. Thanks for the chance at such a fabu prize!
6. That's it. Happy birthday again! :)

Cathie w said...

Happy Birthday to you as well...great card


Jen said...

Great card! Happy Birthday!

Miranda said...

Happy Birthday! Love the monkey! Congrats on the great gifts, you have a wonderful husband! Have an awesome b-day weekend!
Miranda :)

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday to yur tomorrow. I need a class in copics. I have some but I'm not good at using them.


Dotti said...

Happy Birthday to you!! Love the coloring of the monkey....great job! Oh and I also love your stash of copic markers!! :)

dotted53 (at) Yahoodotcom

Sandy S. (CraftyCreations) said...

Happy Early Birthday! The monkey is so colorful and awesome. Love it. Thanks for a chance to win the copics. Would love some. LOL

Mommy's Crafty Creations said...

Happy early birthday!! Im loving the monkey. You did a great job coloring it!!

Veronica (follower)
mommyscraftycreations at gmail dot com

AndreaA said...

Happy Birthday!!!
Doesn't hurt to be a day early!!!
Love, love the coloring on the monkey!!!
I am now a follower of your blog!
You have a great Hubby for the great gifts.
NanaNPappa at aol dot com

Nana Diane said...

You do beautiful work! Thanks for sharing! Happy birthday!!!

Ondrea said...

Happy Almost Birthday!! Love all the monkeys. :)

The Craftin Mama said...

Here's hoping you have a WONDERFUL Birthday month!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Ildi-The Craftin Mama

Star said...

Happy Day to a very special friend.Enjoy your day!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday tomorrow Ellen! Thanks for being willing to help with any of my projects that you can help with, and being a GREAT friend! I hope you have a GREAT scrappy day!

Cathy said...

Happy birthday to you too!! also thanks for a chance to win some goodies, looks like you are loved with all the goodies you have already.

Karenladd said...

Happy birthday month to you!! My daughter always insisted that she had a birthday MONTH, not just a day. So I am celebrating right along with you! I am already a follower by email and GFC and would LOVE to win my very first copics!!

sarah said...

B~Day Wishes to a very Sweet Monkey Friend!!he..hee!!!YW...:)

D- said...

Happy Happy Birthday. Thank you for sharing all of your craftiness with us.
dmcardmaker (at AOL)
(email follower)

Unknown said...

~~**HAPPY BIRTHDAY**~~ to you as well... what a beautiful card and thanks for the Candy chance too!! :))

Unknown said...

OOP!!!... i forgot to add I am a new follower :)

StampNK said...

Happy birthday to you and hope your day is as fun as, well you know...."a barrel of monkeys" (what else?!!
And aren't you just so sweet, sharing your birthday with Jamie (ha ha!)

jennyplace2 said...

Just stopped by to wish you a very Happy Birthday my friend. Hope your day is super special with all your family and friends.

Glennis F said...

Here's hoping that you continue to have lovely birthday surprises. Thanks for the chance to win the copics - my fingers are crossed!

Crafty Moni said...

Happy Birthday!!! Loved the way you colored the monkey, Fabulous job! Best Birthday wishes:)

Peace, Love, & Cricut Hugs!
Monica L.

monita23 at ca dot rr dot com

Pamk said...

Have a great birthday tomorrow from another Leo. Mine was the 8th.

Ashley Nicole said...

Happy birthday my friend. Hope you had a great day. Love the coloring on the monkey. Turned out beautiful. Hope you had fun in New Jersey. Nice being in the hop with you.

gypsyrps said...

Happy, Happy Birthday! My daughter is a Leo also. The lions must love to party because we celebrated for at least a month.
Continue to spread your joy and love of life!