Sunday, September 9, 2012

I Love Being A Grandma Blog Hop - 9/9/12 (Grandparents' Day)

I jumped right on board with Lynne's "I Being a Grandma" Blog Hop because, simply put, there's not much I love more than being with my granddaughter, Charlotte! (I had to put it that way, in case my daughter or husband reads this post and gets jealous -- but truthfully, nothing brings me more joy at all ... she's top on my list ... than my granddaughter, Charlotte.)

I joined the ranks of the blissfully happy grandma's on December 6, 2010. Charlotte Grace was a pretty baby, made more beautiful with time and the ever-evolving charming personality. My heart swells when she calls my name ("Giiiiiii" to Charlotte) and runs to me, extending her arms for me to pick her up.

9/7/12 - Feeding the fish at Gii's pond.
Charlotte and her parents Emily and Josh live less than a mile from me, so I am privileged to babysit the Little Charmer often. (She'll be here this morning while Daddy works and Mommy gets some shut-eye after working a night shift as a pediatric nurse.)  

She was over for a usual-Friday night dinner (love them!). I didn't have her favorite foods in-house, so I quickly dashed out to the store and bought her a smorgasbord of stuff she likes: including berries (with a little dash of whipped cream "fooshie" as "dip"), grapes and bananas. 

When I presented her sectioned plate of cut-up fruit, her eyes widened and she let out a joyous and unexpected, "Oh WOW!"  Her spirit and joy are contagious!

It was then that I came up with this digital layout to feature in today's blog hop. Gosh, with all the great digital tools and digital pictures, cell phone pics, etc., it's so easy these days to document e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g!!!  

For this layout, I used my new favorite (free!) picture editing program called PicMonkeyThe program allows you to first crop/edit your photos as I did with Charlotte's mush-face photos (making them each in a square format). Then, once the edited photos are saved, upload them into PicMonkey's collage-making tool to add the frame, text, and comic thinking box.  It's easy!  You can do it! 

OK, I do know that there are a few more grandchildren in the world and blog-land (though none is more adorable than my Charlotte!), so I'm going to move you along on the Blog Hop to see how boastful other grandmas can be.  

Your next stop is: GRANDMA ANITA!

In case you get lost along the way, or want to see what other grandma's are posting, here's the other grandma's who have joined this hop:
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 Thanks for indulging me in a little show-off!

DeFiaNtLy DiFfeReNt & CreAtiVeLy Yours,


Melanie Rozwood said...

This is so cute! I did a similar layout because my boys say 'nana' too.

Lynne said...

How absolutely adorable with your little charmer shopping!!! Fabulously wonderful lay-out!!! I know my Lily loves to shop and knows that she has a free cookie card and the lunchmeat counter gives the kids a slice of cheese . . . SEW, when taking Lily to the store, she directs you to the bakery and shouts COOKIE and picks which one she wants and then directs to get to her piece of cheese. She even knows that dessert does come first, a girl after my own heart in sew many ways!!!
Its always a pleasure and a treat to hop with you!!
Much Love, Hugs, and Grandma Pixie Dust

Karon said...

So cute - shopping:-) Or sopping as my daughter used to say:-) TFS

Karlene Hansen said...

Being gramma's rock!! How cute, love shopping :)

Marghe said...

Is cute, greetings from apure- venezuela.

Dr Sonia S V said...

Your Charlotte is super cute!!

Claire Spielman said...

Ellen you are amazing! You have such a way with words that it's time to write a book!! I always enjoy reading your posts and to top it off with Charlotte's gorgeous sweet faces, makes it like a sundae with a cherry on top! I can see why you love the PicMonkey program (MONKEY?) I too capture everything on camera since once it's gone, the moment can then last forever.
Happy & proud to share this day & hop with you.

Creative Wishes,
Claire S.

Lisa said...

I love your layout and I sure can tell that being a grandma, like me, is the absolutely best in the world and that you can't wait to share to anyone who will stop to hear about it. Your granddaughter is a beauty for sure but I wouldn't be a grandma if I didn't say that Maxi is quite the looker himself and with his smiling face all the time, he is going to be a heartbreaker. TFS.

Janet said...

I just Love this layout What a great way to keep those memories alive. Wonderful!!
I envy you beibg able to see your grandchilderen so often!
Big Blog Hugs, Janet

D- said...

Love your layout. You go ahead and show off. That is a Grandparent's job. TFS!
dmcardmaker (at AOL)
(email follower)

Karenladd said...

As Charlotte would say, "Oh WOW!!" This is so that photo and word bubble! I am a grandma of a 2 year old delight and so I totally understand your joy!!

Jeana said...

Oh my goodness is this page adorable. I love it!

jengd said...

Very cute- both the layout AND the post. :)

Kat Stachowiak said...

So much fun! Love experiencing all the new things in my grandchild's life.

Tammy said...

You did such an awesome job on this layout!! How precious is your sweet princess Granddaughter?!?!? Thank you so very much for sharing---be blessed
~Beyond Measure

Beckie said...

My o my how she is growing. So super cute. I just love seeing her pics on your blog. Little darling. I bet you kiss her little cheekys off.

Be blessed, Beckie