Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Many hands make light work.

For more than a year, I've been associated with the lovely Madison Womack, who founded the "I Feel The Love Project" to bring joy to the ill, underprivileged or needy through handmade cards.  
Madison is a high school senior this year, and she is about to surpass her goal for June 2013 of having distributed more than 1,000 cards to those in need.

Each month, Madison selects one deserving recipient (either an individual or a group). Last year's Halloween cards were donated with our banners to Pediatric Specialty Care; earlier this year, one of PSC's young patients (Brandon) received individual greetings. More on Brandon later!

For October 2012, Madison has asked for Thanksgiving cards to benefit the residents of the Surrey Place Care Center in Live Oak, Florida. For many of these residents, the donated card may be the only greeting they receive during this time for giving gratitude. 

I am happy to help, for one blessing for which I am most grateful is that I still have both parents, living in Florida independently in their own home. They're both in their 80's, have been married for 61+ years, and though they have had health issues in the last five years, they are still going strong. I miss them (they're 1200 miles from me!), though I know they are healthy and happy because of the temperate climate in Florida. 

Here are some Thanksgiving cards that I made to mail to Madison.  They are made from The Card Kitchen's October card kit:

As promised, let me give you a little update on Brandon:
For those who may not recall, Brandon was the victim of child abuse and domestic violence. The man Brandon loved as his stepfather (now deceased) raised his hands to Brandon in anger, resulting in what doctors called Brandon's brain death. Brandon's mom Linda was asked if she wanted to "pull the plug" twice. She took Brandon's hand in hers and asked for a sign, and his fingers moved. Now -- a year later -- Brandon is still fighting, still hanging in, and responds to his teachers at bedside!  

Because "hands" have meant so much to Brandon's family (both positively and negatively), Linda has started a campaign to have handprints sent to Brandon as a sign of community support. She is working hard -- with training, fundraising, and home modifications -- to bring Brandon home. Will you help Brandon?  

Send a handprint or more ... a card, a gift, compassion, a contribution. This family is so deserving, and  so very needy. If you need more information on Brandon, here is the website of the family friends who are helping Linda in her efforts to Bring Brandon Home:

DeFiaNtLy DiFfeReNt & CreAtiVeLy Yours,

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