Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Cat in the Hat and other tall tales ... of BLING!


Other than having a place to chit-chat and show off my creative endeavors, having a blog and being active in social media has allowed me to meet the absolute nicest people in the world. People I'd never have a chance to meet otherwise ... women who have expanded the horizon of friendship across the miles and smiles.
When one such wonderful women -- Shawn Mosch -- told me that she was picked to coordinate the design team for The Buckle Boutique, I knew I wanted to be "in"!  Don't let the name fool you -- The Buckle Boutique offers SO MUCH more than buckles.  They offer fantastic bridal trims, rhinestone sheets (including those you can cut with your Cricut!), rhinestone pins, iron-on rhinestone sheets ... if it blings, it's carried by TBB. 
And today, The Buckle Boutique's Design Team is hosting a Bling Party! 
What is a Bling Party? It is our way of showing you all of the different ways that you can use the products from The Buckle Boutique to add some sparkle to your crafting projects.  

When I was named to The Buckle Boutique's Design Team, I got a wonderful package of samples from the owner Cathie. In there was bridal trim that would make even the most shy bride sparkle on her special day ...

But ... hmmmm... why should glitter be reserved just for lovely brides?  How about for those of us baseball fanatics who want to show our team enthusiasm in style?!  Here's what I made -- not just for the hop, but to actually wear:

This hat got its test run last week, when I wore it to a Sunday home game of the Philadelphia Phillies versus the Atlanta Braves. The whole family went as part of my birthday celebration -- hubby John and I, daughter Emily and her (Braves fan) hubby, Josh, and of course, my 2.5 year old granddaughter, Charlotte.

That's me with my (hatless!) daughter, Emily
John was a bit -- shall we say -- chagrined to see his hat looking rather ... ummm, attractive ... and he actually tried to pay me $20 not to wear it.  Twenty bucks!?  He could do better than that!  Besides, I LIKE it!  :)  And it DID attract a lot of attention, and all of it good.

For instance, we walked in the main gate and headed to our box seats when we were stopped by representatives of the Phillies front office. As it turns out, at every Sunday home game, they randomly select nine (just 9!) children from the attendees to be what they call the "Starting 9."  Would we allow Charlotte to be one of the nine?

Charlotte with "her" ballgirl, Madeline
The Starting Nine
The selected children (and no parents or grandparents!) would be escorted into the press room before the game where they'd meet all of the starting Phillies and the mascot, the Phillies Phanatic. 

They'd then be escorted to the field -- of a major league game! -- and stand with their assigned player at his position for the national anthem. 

Here's Charlotte, at home plate at Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia:

Charlotte was assigned to be at home plate with starting catcher Erik Kratz.  After the anthem, the player autographed a team ball for each of the kids, and they each were returned to their seats, star-struck! 

OH, and their picture and name went up in lights on the HUGE Jumbotron! 

... and it was all because of the HAT, imagine THAT!  (Okay, and it helped to have a cute kid with me.)

So now that you've found out how magical The Buckle Boutique's rhinestone trims can make your life too, why not try to win some to use on your next crafting project?
Simply enter our giveaway for
$25 store credit at The Buckle Boutique! 
You'll find the Rafflecopter entry form on the next stop of this Bling Party, at
And don't forget to visit the blogs of my DT sistahs, Shawn and Lori to see how they've used the fabuloso TBB bling to make their projects more magical, too. Here are the links:
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I hope you've enjoyed the story of my blinged-out Phillies cap. I plan to bring you many more ideas for using the fantastic products of The Buckle Boutique.  Watch this space and have fun with me!

DeFiaNtLy DiFfeReNt & CreAtiVeLy Yours,


Shawn Mosch said...

What a great day for Charlotte! Good thing you had that hat all blinged out!

Thank you for joining me on this journey with The Buckle Boutique Design Team.

Shawn ~
Crafty Chics Blog
and ~ Find your Cricut images FAST!

Darla said...

Yay Charlotte!! Fun

Unknown said...

What a magical day for your granddaughter!!! So glad you were dressed the part as Fabulous Grandma!!! Your hat rocks!!!

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Anonymous said...

Great memories were made that day. That hat rocks.

CathyinMN said...

Love how you decorated the hat! Such a fun story about your granddaughter.

Miranda said...

Super Cute!!!

Unknown said...

OMG - First that hat is fabulous! Second I can't believe she went out on the field and was on the big screen. Third congrats on the new design team!

Anonymous said...

My goodness Ellen. You are brilliant! I cannot believe that Charlotte had that experience. how exciting!