Wednesday, August 18, 2010

August = Birthday Month!

August is birthday month for many of my friends and family. Most of my very best friends throughout my life celebrate their special days this month.

It's even MY birthday month, and August belongs to my daughter Emily and my brother Ed, too.

So happy birthday to US!

I've been spending a lot of time creating unique birthday cards for my friends. This means extra time and love spent. A few postings ago, I showed you a pocket card I made for my friend Joan; the pocket included a lengthy note I wrote to play "catch-up" with a friend I hadn't seen in too long of a time.

The thicker "envelope card" here is for another dear friend. This friend inspires me in my paper crafting; she's been into it longer than I have, but she has so much patience that she had been cutting her own images -- "fussy cutting" -- until I introduced her to Cricut. Now we share this craft, so I wanted to make her a special card.

It didn't need to include space for a lengthy note ... we see each other regularly (though never often enough!). I wanted to give her a gift of some of the flowers I've been making. I am hoping that the inside Calla lilies don't get crushed in the mail ... it's our experiment with USPS.

This card drops in the mail tomorrow. So dear friend -- and you know who you are (and you're a blog reader!) -- may you be blessed with as much joy as you've given me throughout our 31 year friendship! I love you.

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