Saturday, August 28, 2010

Creative Blossoms

Good happy Saturday, friends!

I'm going to make this post as brief as possible. I've got a lot to do, with the GrandBaby Shower coming up next weekend.

Here are MORE creative things I've done with my Cricut to use at the shower -- I've made these paper flowers with Tootsie Pop centers, to decorate and distribute from the Candy Buffet (part of the dessert table).

I cut the flower petals using Cricut's new "Cake Basics" cartridge. I've found that this cartridge has many excellent basic shapes. The cartridge of course was designed to use with the Cricut Cake, but is interchangeable with the Cricut for paper.

The "Cake Basics" cartridge came with my new Cricut Cake machine ... and so far, I've only had time to try out the cartridge, not the machine! Hopefully, I'll get to play soon, and of course, I'll post the mess I make with that!! Oh, so many opportunities to while away a day ... when DOES when get the time to do housework AND get outside to enjoy the sun (while it lasts!!)???

Duty calls!

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