Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hold Onto Your Wallets ... It's CKC Time!

Going to a Creative Keepsakes Convention (CKC) for a scrap-addict like me is akin to letting an alcoholic work in a brewery.

But I went anyway.

My first time. Alone. With a credit card I had just paid off. Thankfully, the card has a low limit -- I usually only use it for those Internet purchases where you don't know/trust the vendor. So I figured, take that one, in case I lose it or lose my mind ... whichever came first. Trust me, I was overwhelmed.

First, 100+ vendors, all with sales pitches. Not only were they preaching to the choir about the nifty things they had, but I was buying. ALL of it! OMG, who knew some of the nifty, creative things you could do. Over the course of the next few weeks (months), I'll be showing you the products and projects I'm making with them. Suffice to say, I can't begin to get it all out tonight.

BUT, one of the classes I took -- a mini-class/make-it-take-it for just $5 -- demonstrated a simple template to make "action cards". They slide, or pop up or pop out. All VERY cute. The class I attended, and some of the templates I bought, was sponsored by Let's Party Hearty.

Above, left, is the vertical-position slider card that was demo'd and the version I made. The instructor was helping some newbies get the hang of it; while she was occupied, I "tricked out" my version with added white pen. The instructor, Sue, was very impressed! LOL ...
I just love how this slide-out card works. Very easy to do, and it can have many other uses. Let me show you...

At left is a horizontal version of the slider, for a new baby girl gift card. Yuck, the photo looks bad on the baby-face ... I couldn't find my Copic blending marker so this cutie suffers. She "crawls" across the sliced opening when the recipient pulls the tab.

When it opens ....

There's space for a glued-in gift card.

I made another version of this card for a boy, and another vertical version for a friend's birthday celebration.

I'll show you those tomorrow!

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Ellen Jarvis said...

My own comment again ... Looking at those pics again, I DEFINITELY have to re-do that girl baby, and MOST definitely need to take a class in the correct way to use my Copic markers! AND find my blending marker!!! UGH, that coloring needs H-E-L-P. I used white paper for her, which was my first mistake. I ALSO need to get some fleshy-colored paper! This post will CHANGE once I get around to fixing that baby!