Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fold Instructions for Bookmark


Several bloggers have asked for instructions on how to make the paper Page Corner Bookmarks I featured yesterday. Here are instructions which I hope help:
1. Cut your paper to 6" x 6". This will give you 4 bookmarks from a single page of 12"x 12" paper.

2. Flip your paper over and mark its center.

3. Lay the paper on a flat surface, interior up, with a corner pointing away from you. This I will call the "top corner". Fold the bottom corner (opposite the top corner) up from the bottom to the center mark.

4. Fold the top corner down to the center mark as well.
5. Leave the bottom fold closed, but open the top fold.

6. The bottom edge will be the finished/front edge of your bookmark, so if you want to hole punch it, now is the time. Fold the bottom edge up to meet the top fold's crease line.
7. Turn the folded piece over. Hold the piece so that the long flat edge is away from you, with the triangle pointed toward you. Fold the right and left points of your triangle down to meet the bottom point of the triangle, making a square.

8. Turn the square over. You'll see that there is a pocket that forms when you separate the layers of the front (dotted) side.
Fold and tuck just one layer of the front into the pocket.
9. Next, you'll be folding the other layer and the two flap/pointy sides down and into the pocket as well. I find it better to use a scoring tool to mark along the edge of the pocket, or to fold the 2nd layer and pointed ends away, to get a nice clean fold.
10. Embellish and Enjoy!

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Sharon Huffman said...

Ooooooohhhhhhh, thanks for the tut and for pointing me in this direction!!! I'll play around with these and see if my daughter wants to add them to our inventory!