Sunday, September 19, 2010

Your friendship is golden!

Friendship .... such a beautiful thing.
We cherish those with whom we need say so little, and they understand how much we mean. Dear friend!

Today I had a chance to spend a few hours in the Craft Loft, doing everything and nothing. It is the most relaxing way to spend a day for me -- in peace after a hectic week.

I was reflecting a bit today while playing, thinking about friendship. Isn't it true that women have more friends than men? I have some "golden friends" -- you know who you are! -- who I cherish more than I can say. Our time together may not be frequent, but I know that if I needed her or if she needed me, nothing could keep us apart. These are the friends whose sentences we can finish, where conversations continue even though they are years apart, and our years meld together to be one. And like this card says, a friend is someone who knows all your faults and still loves you.

So dear Golden Friend, I thought of you while making this card. And here's how I did it ... One 12x12" sheet of light olive cardstock, cut in half and then folded again in half to make a 6x6" square card. Layered, complimenting prints with a chocolate (has to be chocolate when we're talking about friends!) paper. I inked all of the paper edges with a cocoa-bean colored pigment ink from Inkadoodle.

The flower is from a pack of K&C Company embellishments I found at Michael's in the clearance aisle. TOO CUTE! Then I needed a suitable brad and had none, but remembered I recently got an I-Top from Imaginesce. This neat tool takes a paper or fabric of your choosing and smooshes it onto a metal top and brad bottom with a quick squeeze. Inked the brad too! And voila!


Ellen Jarvis said...

I showed this card to my dear husband, Mr. Smiley, and he said ..."Do you HAVE any friends who know all your faults?" I responded, "Yes, honey, YOU! Aren't you a friend??" DUHHHH.

Shawn Mosch said...

I love this card!