Saturday, September 25, 2010

Put a Little YAY into your Every Day

Here's a cheery little card to sweeten your day.

When I was in the Craft Loft last night, the TV was on. I'm usually keeping one ear tuned to HGTV ... I love that channel, from Design to Sell, to House Hunters International and everything in between.

A commercial came on and I think it was for an insurance company. All I really heard was the phrase "Put a Little YAY into your Every Day" ... and that did it! A smile crept over my face and I knew that this card that was destined to become a birthday card would become an every day card to bring a smile to a friend in need.

The little bird is a rubber stamp purchased as part of a set. I cut it apart long ago, so darn it, I can't tell you its manufacturer. I colored it with cheery colors from my Copic marker set. I used a happy green interior paper, embellished with a floral trim snipped from the center floral paper. I even decorated the envelope in a style to match.

This is one of my favorite cards ... because it made me smile for no reason at all.


Shawn Mosch said...

I love it, and I love that you used a phrase from something like that commercial and turned it into a beautiful card. That just shows that inspiration can come from anywhere!

Ellen Jarvis said...

Thanks, Shawn! And as it turns out, it wasn't an insurance commercial ... it was a commercial for Target. It caught my ear again tonight, and I still like the saying. I hope you're having a YAY DAY!

mga said...

Hi! Ellen
I couldn't find a way to contact you since I don't have my email account setup. But wanted to thank you for your warm words about my daughter, she is that and more, she is my blessing. Thanks for your support and for taking the time to vote for her and posting a comment in my little blog. Thanks a bunch!!!