Monday, October 11, 2010

Flu Season is Coming...

...Get your shots today!

Hello, Friends and Followers.

This is a public service message from The CardMonkey. Flu and pneumonia season is right around the corner. Immunizations are available now, and they have been known to in the very least take the edge off of flu symptoms should a strain infect your community.

For friends who ignore this advice or just have a common cold, CardMonkey wrote this little ditty and put it on a box I made with the Cricut "Tags, Bags, Boxes and More" cartridge. Inside the box, I put a "get well kit" that includes a package of Lipton Cup'O Chicken Noodle Soup, some cough lozenges (sugar free), a pack of 2 Tylenol tabs, and 2 teabags.

I'll be selling these ACHOO! Get Well gift boxes at my "Greetings from CardMonkey" retail shop opening November 5 in Warminster (Bucks County), PA.

Watch CardMonkey's other blogspot, for my "take" on some Santa Zest, coming soon!

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