Friday, October 22, 2010

Best Wishes, Chris and Caitlin!

We interrupt these regularly scheduled card postings for one made to celebrate a very special occasion!

Last evening, my friend and work colleague, Chris, popped the romantic question to his girlfriend, Caitlin: "Will you marry me?"

And to no surprise, she said yes!

Caitlin, welcome to the "family" where sense of humor will suit you well. We tease Chris a lot, but he truly is a nice guy -- despite what you may have heard us tell you. LOL. And besides, he brought a 1-carat stunner to the question, so how could a girl refuse, right?

A wedding is planned for May 2012.

In the meantime, I made this card for Chris and Caitlin. There are so many different things I wish I made now, but my time was limited in the Craft Loft tonight. Phillies were on -- do or die -- so let's say I was a bit distracted. I love Stickling butterflies, but I was definitely in an odd color mood tonight -- heading into autumn and thinking "masculine". Do guys really get engagement cards?! Well, anyway, Chris -- and Caitlin -- congrats and happy wedding planning! If I can do anything to help, remember I am just a Stickle bottle away.

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