Monday, October 18, 2010

Planning to "Do It All"

The Christmas gift countdown has begun! In the November 1, 2010 issue of Woman's Day magazine, there was a published t0-do list and organizational calendar for Christmas. It appeared in the article entitled "Holidays Made Easy: Your 10-week plan for doing it all."

Frankly, I've never read a better article on preparing for the holidays. I hope I can find/post a link to the article here, but if not, you'll just have to go buy an issue.

The article reminds us to consider now those we want to give gifts, and to plan ahead. If we start now, we can have "it all." My Christmas 2010 will be both complicated and made more joyous by the arrival of my first grandbaby, a girl due to daughter Emily and her husband Josh. So I am starting now...

Above, left, is the first of my Christmas gifts made for this year. I've made it for a friend who also Cricuts. (I've embroidered her name below the Cricut name, but to try to keep some sort of surprise, I've blurred her name here.) I Googled for the pattern and found one at Custom Crops. I had to modify a lot as I made this, as some of the dimensions weren't working for me. Now I'm happy!

Followers, stay tuned, as I may offer one of these as "blog candy" in the month ahead -- a personalized cover for your bug! In the colors of your choice.

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Sharon Huffman said...

Love that Cricut cover! Each time I wipe the dust off mine I say that I need to make one too! I'll have to look for that magazine for the article. I think it's Family Circle that I get and they often have duplicate articles, so must look in that too.