Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Good News in the Craft Loft

Hi, Friends!

I don't have a new card to show you today, but I wanted to share with you some GOOD NEWS in my little craft world in the Craft Loft:

Good News #1:
I met Marie,
"The Furry Godmother", when I brought my two dogs Sadie and Morgan, to her home to be babysat one night this summer. Before going off to follow her passion to love dogs as a terrific care provider to them (days and overnight), Marie worked for a paper company as a sales rep. She said she had lots of paper in her garage that she'd love to give to me ... and this picture shows the second lot of paper she gave to me!!! (The first lot a month or so ago was just as packed with goodies -- honestly, at least 50 pounds of coated stock, certificates, glossy cards with envelopes, you name it!)

Can you imagine!? All this paper, given to a paper addict?! The large sheets in the front are cardstock, and the rest will be perfect for card and envelope liners, and for a variety of other purposes. The colors!! How lush!

So I take this day to give a shout to Marie -- Thank you, dear friend! Our paths crossed ... you say I am helping you by taking this off your hands ... and I feel as though I've hit a jackpot, in paper and in friendship. THANK YOU again!

Good News #2... I am happy to say that I participated in the Fall Blog Hop this weekend, and WON blog candy from The Scrapbooking Queen. Thank you Theresa (aka Her Royal Highness!). I look forward to getting my prize, the coveted pink ATG gun. Woo-woo!!

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Shawn Mosch said...

OMG! Now I really DO need to come and spend some time crafting with you! Look at all of that paper!!!!! I am a paper addict also. It is so nice that you have someone that can help feed your addiction.

Can't wait to see your cards in the blog hop