Sunday, February 13, 2011

Explosion box: Wow factor!

The sun is not yet up on this winter's morning, but a little "personal summer" (that is *HOT FLASH* grin) woke me up waaaayyyy too early today.

Thankfully, there is not much exciting in my e-mail and the dogs are still asleep, so I will take this opportunity to share a little springtime sunshine ... with this Explosion Box of fun.

I hope you'll see more of these sorts of projects on the upcoming Motions & Folds Card Hop (Feb.26), starting here at CardMonkey and traveling on to another 14 fabulous hop stops. 

To make an Explosion Box, start with a 12x12" sheet of cardstock -- the heavier weight, the better. Cut off 4" squares at each of the four corners, leaving a "cross" shape.  Score for folding the inside 4" square so the "arms" of the cross will fold up/down in your explosion.

You can fill the center of your explosion box with just about anything you can imagine. 

Here, in an Explosion Box I made for my Mother, I built a paper flower box and filled it with all sorts of flowers on springs (saved from old click-pens) and bees on floral wire.

I found the image "Bloom Where You Are Planted" online and scaled/printed to size.  The birthday sentiment was cut using a Cricut cartridge. 

I experimented in making the box lid and wound up basically making a trimmed-down version of the box bottom for the lid.  I created a punched loop trim for the bottom of the box, pulled up the four corners of the box bottom and tied it all with a cute coordinating ribbon. 

For more information on the upcoming Motions and Folds Card Hop, please click HERE.

Enjoy your day ... hope yours is as "warm" as mine is, whether your summers are "personal" or otherwise!


Trisha said...

This is a WOW box. Thanks for sharing. Very, very nice.

Ashley Nicole said...

This is beautiful. Love that it's a spring theme.

abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

This is amazing! Looks beautiful!

Unknown said...

Ellen your box is fabulous, I'm going to try this, just love it!!

LesleyfromWI said...


Shawnee said...

Such a beautiful box, Ellen. Gorgeous!!