Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Making a Card Box: A Work in Progress

Last night (and into this morning, too), I was privileged to participate in the Pajamas, Popcorn and Projects UStream event hosted by Alex at and Ruthie at It was so much fun to see these two crafters at work via webcam and to chat with other crafters via Instant Message. 

Does anyone remember the old days when all we had were scissors, white glue and photo corners?! 

At any rate, one of the very fun projects that Alex showed was a card/stationery box that Alex called a "Transformer Box". 

Photo lifted from ... thank you!

Hers looks like this (and go to her blog to see other pics/credits).  Having seen it done, I dreamt all night about making a template for a similar project, and sharing it with you all here. 

Now first a warning: this is a work in progress.  I'm not done ... I haven't dressed or embellished it, and I haven't decided whether to make the lid that Alex and Ruthie showed.  This modifies their design a bit, but includes the elements I wanted: a place to hold larger cards, smaller cards and a matching pen.

This design takes 3 sheets of 12x12" paper (with a lot of scrap left over).  Here is the template for the first page, which is for the large main area of the box:

Fold along the score lines, and it should look like this: 

Assemble the box with an open top. It will be 7" wide by 5" high, and 2" deep.  In the little 1/2" square cut out area, use a piece of the trimmings to make a V-holder for the pen.

Here is the template for the second sheet. First, trim it to 6" x 12"
You'll be assembling the box to affix to the bottom and the front of the main box.
It should look like this:

The third sheet (for which I did not make a template, as it's self-explanatory) is trimmed to 7" x 12" and then scored and folded so it wraps around the box from the bottom and up over the top. 

Note that my box doesn't have the front notebook area that was shown last night, just because. 

Alex and Ruthie also showed us techniques to etch designs on glassware.  That will be my next project, as soon as I purchase what I want to etch.  I've been wanting to try this for a while, and Alex & Ruthie were inspiring! 

Today, I also worked on some layouts and things to show in next month's Disney Pixar Blog Hop (Mar. 26), being coordinated by my "Sistah" Shawn Mosch at http://www.craftychicsblog.blogspot/ and

I've been blessed to find so many kindred "sisters" here in the papercrafting world ... and I'm delighted you're here!


Alex said...

OH MY GOSH GIRL! You have MAD SKILLS! I am super impressed that you came up with your own box design :) It looks awesome! I love the idea of room for bigger cards!
I am happy to enable you to "add" to your crafting supplies :) And I have to tell the hubs, you approve of his ring selection :) You are a hoot and I'm so glad were friends now :)

Susan L said...

I fainted dead away. This is gonna be awesome. I am jealous and not sure I could ever do this. U ROCK!!!!

Happy Scrappin'

Sue B

Kerry T said...

This is beautiful. I started to watch the ustream but it kept cutting out. I will have to watch the video. Thank you for being my 300th follower. I am a follower of yours too. I am going to be doing a giveaway on Sunday so please stop by and check it out. Thanks
Kerry--Momma K