Thursday, May 5, 2011

Beading ... in my spare time

Hi, friends.

You may have noticed that I've posted a picture of my EmbEllies here on my blog (upper right), with a clickable PayPal link. 

The EmbEllies posting is in response to several questions and comments I've gotten from followers who have asked if I'd please sell some of my handmade beaded embellishments intended for card art.  This just makes those sales easier.

So in a bit of a departure from my papercrafting, I sat down and made a slew of these babies from my beadworking days.  I do not intend to let beading take my crafting spirit away from paper -- nor do I plan on getting into the "marketing" of my crafts.

Seriously, I do my crafts for pleasure not profit. We all know how much time and love is put into each of our creations ... there's no way to make even minimum wage by crafting!

However, Jennifer of Crafty Card Gallery (with a terrific app for your smart phones, if you're interested!) asked via Facebook this evening if I make any other sorts of beaded items.  The answer -- oh, yes.  (Though paper stuff takes much more of my devoted interest.)

When my daughter, Emily, got married about 2 years ago, I made all of her bridesmaids' necklaces and earrings. 

This picture doesn't do the double strand justice -- it was really beautiful. Made on 14k chain (that I probably couldn't afford today, with gold topping $1500/ounce!), I wired chocolate brown and champagne-colored natural pearls with trios of a semi-precious faceted gem called citrine.  Citrine is a member of the quartz family.

The citrine on the necklace I made photographed an odd reddish orange color when hit with a flash. They were much more cinnamon-colored than the necklace depicts -- a perfect match for the girls' cinnamon/burnt sienna dresses. The wedding was in October and the dresses were stunning! 

I also have made Swarovski crystal bracelets like this one shown in pink and lime green, a favorite color combination.

So while I may not stock my Etsy store with these trinkets, if you're looking for something in particular, I do have plenty of bead inventory. Just ask!

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