Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers' Day!

Happy Mothers' Day! 
I am very blessed to still have my Mother on Earth as well as in my heart.

My Mom taught me everything I know about crafting and enjoying the creativity and talents that lie within us all.

See my beautiful Mother, Dorothy, pictured here?  This picture was taken at my daughter's wedding, in 2008.  Mom made her jewelry shown here, and also tore apart and modified her stunning dress to suit her. Would I ever have the courage to do that?

Mom now lives in Florida with Dad (they'll celebrate their 60th anniversary this September) ... 1200 miles away. I am so happy to say that Mom and Dad are visiting for a week, just 4 weeks from now! What a gift to have them able to come!!

Today, I also celebrate being a Mother.

I gave birth to just one "child," my ♥ Emily.  Emily is 25 now, and this is her first official Mother's Day!  Baby Charlotte is now 5 months old, and what a heart-full she is!  These are the beautiful flowers that Emily and her hubby Josh brought to me yesterday. Thank you, Emily, Josh and Cheezer!

I also am the stepmother to a very big baby (6'6"), my son Paul.  Paul is hubby John's birthbaby; Paul will be 37 later this year. I came into Paul's life when he was 19 and already out on his own. I was floored today (Saturday!) when the Big Brown Truck arrived with this lovely azalea from Paul and his love, Anne -- it's the first time I'm officially recognized as a Mom on Mother's Day.  Thank you, Paul and Anne!! 

And since this is a blog about cards, let me share with you the ones I've received. On my American Greetings one from Emily, was this lovely sentiment -- shared with you because I know how much this applies to so many of my bloggy friends, too:

"When I was younger, I had no idea how hard it was to be a mother.

I didn't realize the amount of work that went into keeping everything running smoothly, or how much time was spent taking care of me.

I never thought about the dreams you put on hold or the things you went without in order to be the kind of mother whose family always came first.

It never occurred to me then that there must have been times when you didn't have all the answers.

Because as far as I could tell, you always knew what to do.

But now that I'm older, I've come to really appreciate just what a great mother you've always been."


inspiredwon said...

Your mom is beautiful!! Sounds like you got your creativity from your mom. That's great!! It's also pretty awesome that your parents have been married 60 years!! Thanks for sharing with us!!

Star said...

Beautiful! Enjoy your special day, Ellen.

TuttleTime said...

What a sweet, flowery post and a nice celebration of Moms!! It is a wonderful thing to be a mom...Thanks for such a sweet post. You are a creative momma! :)

scrappinC said...

Beautiful picture of your Mom. Hope you and your Mom had a Happy Happy Mother's Day. Love all of the flowers.