Monday, May 9, 2011

Tip of the Week: Making your own Wobblers

Hello, Blog Friends!

Today I wanted to show you this cute card I made using Nikki Sivils Scrapbooker LLC paper ("Willow Bee" line), the cute bee cut from a Sizzlit die, with a bit of wobble added to the bee by a spring-based wobble.

Because I wanted the bee to "pop" from the paper more than a traditional Action Wobbler, I developed a homemade wobbler using a spring and pieces of foam mounting tape and small pieces of acetate or tape to hold the spring to the underside of the foam (which has double-sided adhesive). 

Here is a video I made about this process.

For those who'd prefer photos not videos, here are a few along with a little description of each:

This is what a traditional (purchased) Action Wobble looks like.
It has a plastic spiral between two flat, clear adhesive oblique-shaped
pieces.  They lie very flat (1/8" approx) so don't add much dimension
to your card or project.

I first tried making my own using 24 gauge wire that I twisted
around a pencil, and mounted to foam mounting circles.
I found the wire to be too stiff for a really "giggly" wobble.

When I used beading wire, the wobbler moved sweetly!
Cut a piece of beading wire about 6-7" long and wrap it around
a tapered instrument, e.g., a paintbrush. Put the wire on one
side of the foam mounting circle and cover it with a piece of
acetate that has been hole-punched in the same size as your
mounting foam.  Cut a slit in your acetate to keep the wire in the
center of your mounting foam.

Here's the outside of the card.

...and the inside.  I typeset the sentiment using
Adobe Illustrator on my desktop computer,
and printed it on the cardstock used for the
card.  The snip of a hive is from Nikki Sivils paper.


Misty said...

Love your idea too! I made some of my own too!

Hummer Hugs,
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Debbie said...

Thanks for sharing, I can't wait to try some, gotta get some wire!

ccoffey said...

What a cute idea! Love it!


JustYolie said...

Thank you for detail instructions on the homemade wobbles!