Monday, July 25, 2011

Creative Spaces

Hi there, Scrappy Friends!

It has sure been hot this weekend (100+)... and as a result, my time in my attic Paper Jungle (where the A/C doesn't kick it) has been limited.

When I did get upstairs, I had hubby John join me and bring his mechanical skills. I treated myself to a piece of slatwall to help organize my papers and such -- and he's the man with the heavy duty tools.  I got the slatwall at Home Depot, $27.98 for one 8' x 3' piece, that I had them cut in half (free!) making each piece 4' wide x 3' high.

Here's one of the two pieces, mounted on the wall above my Cricut. See those fabulous 12x12" Plexiglas paper holders for the wall?  I got them free!  That was the good news ...

... the bad news is that I got them from my favorite (and only!) local scrapbook store, which is closing at the end of this month, for good. "Take as many of them as you want," said owner Karen Silver. "The more you take, the fewer trips I'll have to the Dumpster."  So I did ... 24 of them! I also got quite a haul of supplies: specialty paper, embellishments and rubber/clear stamps from vendors (like Magnolia and Unity Stamps) usually found only online -- all at 60% off.

Creative Inklings in Lahaska, PA has been a fun place for inspiration, the greatest selection of specialty scrapbook papers, and where I have attended SCAL classes and a late-night crop. Karen, I'll miss you and your fun band of instructors!

Thanks for the memories ... and for the paper holders! 

Friends, stay tuned this week for more organizational ideas from the Paper Jungle.  Tomorrow: Part II, Paper Storage.


Lolis said...

Wow! this looks great! Sorry about your LSS closing!

Anonymous said...

It looks wonderful. I need professional help! I mean organizing. I only have the big box stores around me...sorry about your's closing.

Zoey and the furballs said...

It's so sad to hear about another LSS closing. We used to have several here and we're down to one in my town and one in a town a few miles away. The big stores just don't provide the same inspiration.