Friday, September 30, 2011

Fluttering by, with a Blog Award announcement

Sincere thanks to TISHA at Tisha's Craft Cove, for awarding me this "Butterfly Award ... for the Coolest Blog I've Ever Known."

I haven't acknowledged one of these awards for a time, but I've been quiet on my blog ... getting ready for a Hop this weekend, and coming up too.  So I promise I'll have some more of my craftiness coming your way soon.  In the meantime, here's some dull stuff about me (a requirement of accepting the award):
  1. Name your favorite color:  Turquoise (for today)
  2. Name your favorite song: Wow, this depends on my mood. "Sunny Side of the Street" (for today)
  3. Name your favorite dessert: Is "All of them!" an option?  (oink-oink!)  OK, Creme Brulee
  4. What wizzes you off at the moment:  Rudeness
  5. Your favorite pet:  My Bichon Sadie (sorry Morgan!) 
  6. Black or white: White goes with everything  
  7. Your biggest fear: Losing loved ones  
  8. Best feature: Spunk  
  9. Everyday attitude: There's something good in everyone!  
  10. What is perfection: Deep, soulful laughter
  11. Guilty pleasure: Junque, mindless television   
  12. When I'm upset, I ... cry. Ugh, I hate this!

Now for the hard part, picking 10 blogs I enjoy, in no particular order:
  1. Beckie @
  2. Jeannie @
  3. Diane @
  4. Shawn @
  5. Sharon @
  6. Becca @
  7. The Team @
  8. Robyn @
  9. Court @
  10. Silke @

1 comment:

Beckie said...

OMG!!!! Thanks so much for putting my blog on your list. Oh my goodness, I'm sooo happy. Ur the best!!! You're my crafty inspiration. Super Big Hugs!!!

Be Blessed, Beckie