Saturday, October 22, 2011

Gadribbles* Into a Quick Card

Does your family have made up words that only the insiders know? We do, and Gadribbles* is one. 

Gadribbles is what's leftover after the main stuff is cut. Grandma Sager started it, I think -- maybe its genesis is older, but I know Grandma ("Elsie") said it particularly at Thanksgiving time.

When Grandma carved the turkey, we stood around the kitchen to watch and sneak a piece of the meat before it made it to the table. Lord help you (and watch out for your fingers!) if you snatched a piece of the neatly cut, presentation-worthy white meat. 

But, all of the little pieces that only made it off the bone later at soup-making time, or dropped onto the cutting board while cutting, were fair game -- they were the gadribbles.

So what does this have to do with cardmaking? Gadribbles are what I call the paper off-cuts or scraps that might otherwise wind up in your trash can, unused, that you snatch up and turn into something worthy. Here's one such card:
I cut a bunch of large snowflakes from pink cardstock, to use on a project for granddaughter Charlotte's upcoming birthday. The snowman was fussy-cut from a printed paper with the image, and had his scarf and hat Stickled. He too was a leftover. I mounted the pink Gadribble onto ice blue snowflake paper, stuck the snowman atop, and mounted the whole thing to a 5.5" square white card. Easy peasy!

*I find myself amused today. I Googled "gadribbles" and found most of the links right near the top would take you to my prior entries on this blog. I know I will have made it big if "Gadribbles" ever makes it to Wikipedia!


JustYolie said...

Your "leftover" card turned out FANTASTIC!!

cema1cema said...

Cute card! I love snowmen! Christina

Shawn Mosch said...

I save those "leftovers" also, but I never had a name for them. (I feel an idea for a blog hop here . . . after Thanksgiving . . . Use Your Leftovers)