Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Haul video #1 - A grab box of goodies!!

Word of advice: if you're going to listen to the video I've posted, go to the right hand bar of my blog, scroll down to get to the PLAYLIST and "STOP" the music.  Otherwise, you'll go crazy crazier listening to the piano behind my voice.  

Let's go "shopping" and who doesn't like a bargain?  

Here is a video I made of my Haul that I got from Laura Vegas, via a $40 grab box (including shipping!), with more than $100 worth of stuff in it.  I love surprises, and this Haul was so much fun to unpack and dive in to use!!!


Susan L said...

WOW!!!! I have requested to follow Laura's website by email! Great haul.

Happy Scrappin'

Sue B

Edwina said...

Cute cards! I love the one with the ribbon and the spider hanging down. It is so cute! I like the spider at the top too. wish I had him. He makes me think of a grand-daddy long legs. Edwina Brown edwinabrown@comcast.net

Edwina said...

Oops I put that in the wrong place. Edwina Brown

Edwina said...

Wow! Great stuff! Edwina Brown