Monday, October 31, 2011

Pumpkins, pumpkins ... Happy Halloween!

So yesterday wasn't a good day -- too snowy -- to pick up the pumpkin for last-minute carving. Instead, I went to the PaperJungle and played Mother Nature.  Or ... Martha Stewart. Nahhh... just a CardMonkey, working in a very unfamiliar 3-D environment to make my own pumpkin.
I used the Martha Stewart instructions recently featured on Archiver's website.  It really isn't as red as the photo depicts ... the paper is marked "Spice" because I wanted it a little richer/darker than the pumpkin orange. I cut the leaves from Cricut's "Stretch Your Imagination" cartridge.

It's an appropriate cartridge to use -- YOU will need to "Stretch your imagination" if you want to think that this pumpkin looks semi-real, and/or looks anything as nice as the one in the instructions, below.

In the spirit of Halloween, keep scrolling down. I've posted pictures of carved pumpkins that have amused me over the years. (Note: I didn't carve them -- they just caught my fancy and I collected them in my computer's photo file.)

Alas, as these photos will demonstrate, my sense of humor is just as addled as my ability to be Martha Stewart!



Beckie said...

Great 3D project. You nut...those pics are hilarious. Can't believe it snowed! It was 37 Friday eve at 4pm here in the big KY, it was trying to flurry some. I can see you got a lil more than flurry. Ha ha. It's coming to us all. Great time for tea and a cozy crafty space...YAY BABY that's what I'm talking about.

Hugs, Beckie

Unknown said...

Love your 3d project and those pumpkin pictures were great. I'm your newest follower:)

Sandie said...

LOVE the 3D pumpkin. You did an amazing job. xx