Thursday, June 13, 2013

Clean colors, design in Kathy Davis papers

Have I told you about one of the newer ventures I've undertaken?  I've signed on to become a Papercrafting Instructor at our local Joann Store (in Warrington, PA). 

I'm set and ready to go, but so far, no one has signed up for the classes that Joann Corporate thinks their customers in this area wants to learn.

It's frustrating -- I only need ONE customer to teach the class -- but so far, no go. 

Frankly, I think it is that the classes aren't ones that seasoned crafters might want. My frustrations echo that of the store's Education Coordinator; unfortunately, there's nothing she can do to override the Corporate decisions -- she is but a cog in the wheel. So, oh no!, she quit!!  

This is what I'd like to teach: using a favorite paper pack to make a set of cards from that single pack. For this pack, I went to my Joann Store and bought one super paper pack by Kathy Davis. Actually, I bought both of the 12x12" pack, and the 6x6" pack. I also bought a package of Kathy Davis glitter epoxy dot stickers and inspiration cards. 

For this collection of eight cards, I used a few sheets of the 6x6" pack, 4 pieces of white 12x12" paper, and some of the dots and inspiration cards:

Aren't they pretty?  They are all 4x6", and I plan to make a gift box for them to give them to the "retiring" Joanne Store Education Coordinator.  

Here they are individually:

Featuring white Lovebug Creations Rumple Ribbon

I also used white gel pen and a Martha Stewart Edge Punch

Foam dots also used

Lovebug Creations Caddy Blue Rumple Ribbon, and CTMH stamps
(for the "Shower of" and butterfly); foam tape also used

Lovebug Creations Green Leaves Rumple Ribbon,
Martha Stewart Edge Punch; foam dots also used

I love this beautiful set of cards with the fresh colors and clean design. 

When I purchased the Kathy Davis paper at Joanne, the cashier told me that Kathy Davis was once a teacher at Hatboro-Horsham High School, a local school ... and has since become quite an enterprise selling a whole line of goods, including inspirational posters, giftware, tableware, linens, books, etc.  AND her studio is local ... about 5 minutes from my home ... as is her only retail store!!  OMG!  I WILL be visiting soon!!


Ardilla said...

WOW... this cards are awesome, I would go to your classes, it´s really interesting to make sets like this one to pack and give as gifts!!!
I hope you have some clients interested in your classes.
Ardilla :)

Pamela Lash said...

Wow - love the challenge idea and the colors really scream spring time!! Wonderful variety.....I think that's great for you to be an instructor and I hope you engage some students...cyberhugs.......Mama LoveBug

Unknown said...

Beautiful cards - someone will register soon for the classes!

Lovebug Creations said...

I can not believe you did this many beautiful cards so quickly! WOWZAA!!! Each one is just beautiful!!! Great job! And you know if I were closer I'd def. come to your classes!!! ♥

Bug hugs,

Lisa's Creative Niche said...

These are awesome! Too bad about JoAnn's... I agree that I don't want to take any of the classes they offer right now, they need to do exactly what you are saying to get more interest it's a shame they aren't willing to listen.

Anonymous said...

What can you do to promote your class? Could you create a board to be displayed at the register or the front door so that people know that they can take a class? Or what about a clipboard at the register so that people can be notified about upcoming classes?

Your cards are beautiful! This is what I need to do after I finish a project. I always have bits and scraps around and I don't know what to do with them. You're a genius! :)

-Christine Barker

D- said...

It is too bad you aren't allowed to teach what you created here. I bet you'd get lots of students. AND you would sell paper they sell at Js.
Lucky you living so close to her store. I LOVE her paper and have made some cards with this pad and others. They are on my blog.
You should take your cards to that store maybe they need teacher. Just a thought.
D~ dmcardmaker (AOL)

kathydavis said...

Ellen - what a lovely surprise to see your blog post about my Joann's product! You have created an inspiring group of cards from just a few of my items! What a nice job! Please do visit my store soon. I have a little "thank you" gift awaiting your visit! (and I'd love to hear more about your class ideas...we are thinking about offering some classes ourselves!)

C'est La-Vie Designs Unlimited, LLC said...

Congrats!!! Love this concept and the results!!

La-Vie B.
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