Monday, June 24, 2013

CTMH Week: Stock Up on Retiring Embellishments!

Today, I'm kicking off what I'll call my featured "CLOSE TO MY HEART WEEK", since I will be traveling to Orlando, FL to attend the annual CTMH convention. It's my first time attending, and I am VERY excited!

So let me start by sharing with you the news we Independent Consultants received last week about which of the products are retiring from CTMH at the end of July 2013, and where there is limited availability until then.  

As your Close To My Heart Consultant, it's my pleasure to show you and actually use the Accessories and Embellishments manufactured and/or distributed by CTMH.  Many, however, are retiring at the end of July to make room for new products coming on board in the Autumn/Winter 2013 Idea Book (being premiered at Convention!).

Using your Spring/Summer Idea Book (with this image, at left, on the cover) and starting with Page 116, I'd like to review with you which are the retiring Accessories or Embellishments. At the end of the list, I'll give you my personal recommendations on those that I believe you should stock up on while you can.

Please note: It is not anticipated that these items will go on sale or fall onto what is known as CTMH's "While Supplies Last" (WSL) list.  You can always check the discounted WSL list by going HERE. You'll find plenty of bargains there, so don't miss out. And those items on the WSL list go quickly; first come, first served. Order them while you can!

The wax-like bee button shown on this card that
I recently made for my Dad is one
of the retiring CTMH embellishments, from
Z1831: Buzz and Bumble Assortment

Retiring Embellishments:

Page 117:
Z1831  Buzz and Bumble Assortment
Z1813  Claire Assortment
Z1810  Later Sk8r Assortment 

Page 118:
Z1748  Brocade Assortment
Z1794  Cottage Assortment
Z1780  Wrangler Assortment
Z1766 Memo Assortment
Z1755  Posh Journaling Spots
Z1710  Just Blooms Paradise Paper Flowers

Page 119:
Z1612  Paper Clip Pins
Z1410  Antique Copper Designer Brads
Z1366  Brads Metal Assortment  
Z1697  Mini Medley Accents Smoothie Collection
Z1489  Mini Medley Accents Olive Collection
Z1487  Mini Medley Accents Pewter Collection

Page 120:
Z1326  Sparkles, Red Pink and Purple Assortment
Z1327  Sparkles, Blue and Green Assortment

Page 121:
All of the buttons, including:
Z1821  Black
Z1370  Pink
Z1369  Red
Z1372  Green
Z1371  Blue
Z1358  Basic
Z1703  Wooden Badge 
Z1704  Pewter Badge

All of the Waxy Flax, including:
Z1089  Black
Z1088  Chocolate
Z906    Bamboo
Z1081  Colonial White 

...and the Z1096  Embroidery Floss Neutral Assortment

Page 122:
Z1798  Black Tulle Ribbon

Page 123:
Z1734  Persnickety Journaling Spots
Z1718  Color Ready Garden Wooden Shapes
Z1773  Color Ready Noted Canvas Shapes
Z1719  Color Ready Evergreen Cork Shapes
Z1450  Cork Color Ready Alphabet

Page 126 - 127 - My Creations
Z1827  My Creations Paper Pouch - Small
Z1828  My Creations Paper Pouch - Large
Z1740  My Creations Bookmark Album
Z1739  My Creations Milk Carton - Sold out
Z1774  My Creations Canvas Journal
Z1736 My Creations Mini Banner - Sold out

Page 128 - Cardmaking Supplies:
All of the Kraft Envelopes and Die-Cut Cards, including:
Z1474 Kraft Die-Cut Cards & Envelopes 6x6"
Z1721  3"x3" Kraft Envelopes
Z1722  4-1/4" x 5-1/2" Kraft Envelopes
Z1723  5" x 7" Kraft Envelopes
Z1724  6"x6" Kraft Envelopes
  Page 128 - Albums and Accessories:
Z1347  My Legacy Faux Leather Album, 12x12" in Dark New England Ivy  

Only the New England Ivy (shown at left, above) is retiring.
Page 130:
1771  Waterbrush - Medium (pictured below)

Page 131:
Most of the Embossing Powders (all except Gold, Silver and Clear Details), including:Z672  Red
Z659  Cranberry 
Z1350  Topiary
Z655  Olive 
Z1351 Dutch Blue
Z656  Outdoor Denim
Z670  Black
Z1246  Cocoa 
Z673  White Daisy

... and also Embossing Supplies:

Z724  Embossing Pen

Z608  Dry Embossing/Scoring Stylus

Page 132 - Cutting Tools:
Z1392  2" Scallop Circle Punch
Z578  Corner Rounder

Now, here are my recommendations:  The CTMH Embossing Powders are the best I've found among the many, many I have tried. I will be stocking up on Red, Cranberry and Topiary to use on my Christmas cards.  For my own use, I am ordering several jars of Black and White -- both great for embellishing sentiments in cards, in my opinion.  You will not be sorry if you follow my lead on this. 

I also am highly recommending the CTMH Kraft envelopes in whatever size you use them most.  I am especially ordering the A2 size (Z1722  4-1/4" x 5-1/2" Kraft Envelopes) and A7 size (Z1723  5" x 7" Kraft Envelopes)  again, for my own use. I already have enough of the other, more unusual sizes (3x3" and 6x6", pictured above).  I have not used the CTMH die-cut kraft collection -- just my personal preference. 

I will also be buying some of the black tulle ribbon (Z1798  Black Tulle Ribbon) for my upcoming Halloween projects. 

And if I already didn't have several of the waterbrushes (1771  Waterbrush - Medium), I'd be buying them too. They are great for blending watercolor pencils. I also use them to thin glue spots where I want the application to be smoother. Don't just think of them for water only, though -- I have also used them as a paint brush with watered-down food coloring on baked goods! (Disclaimer: They are not advertised as "food safe." Keep them clean and only for food use, and use at your own discretion/risk.)

One more to consider: the 2" Scallop Punch is very nice, and very useful. I have a non-CTMH one like it, however, so have not bought this one. I think it's a bit pricey @ CTMH; if I can find a similar quality elsewhere where I can use my weekly coupons (Joann's, Michael's, ACMoore's), that's what I'd do. But consider that 2" Scallop Punches are hard to find, and not all quality is the same. Shop around. 

(Key: = stock up while you can! These are the products that I will be ordering for my own use in the Paper Jungle. Yes, I am my own best customer -- and getting the Consultant's discount was the key reason I became a CTMH Consultant. Ask me how you can become one too ... CTMH's quarterly minimums are low and likely what you spend on craft supplies, anyway! I'd LOVE to have you on my team!!)

OK, that's it for today. Stop back tomorrow when I'll be letting you know which CTMH paper lines are retiring, and which will be carried over into the next catalog. 


Unknown said...

Have fun at the convention... I always wanted to go when I was a CTMH consultant!

C'est La-Vie Designs Unlimited, LLC said...

Thanks for sharing all this info and for making it plain and clear. your recommendations are just what the dr. ordered since I am new to CTMH. Thanks!